Coates remembers Stoke's great eras

On Remembrance Day, Stoke City chairman Peter Coates recalls his club's two great eras as production lines for their own homegrown talent.

Talking to BBC Radio Stoke about hopes of seeing the current Stoke academy prosper as they did in the past, Coates said: "We've done it twice.

"The Second World War affected Stoke City. We had a wonderful crop, nearly all of them local boys, three of whom, Stanley Matthews, Neil Franklin and Freddie Steele, would have been outstanding in any era. They all played for England but their best years were lost in the war.

"And then we did it again in the 1970s when we again had a team built of talented local players. Denis Smith, Mike Pejic, Alan Bloor, Jackie Marsh. We've done it before. Let's hope we can do it again."

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