Shrewsbury Town: 'I'm gutted we didn't get Rod Stewart', says CEO

Shrewsbury chief executive Matt Williams says his only regret when he leaves for Burnley in January will be not getting Rod Stewart to perform at the Meadow - like his fellow football-loving friend Sir Elton John did in front of 16,000 fans in 2011.

"The only thing I've not done that I wanted to do is get a concert over the line," said Williams, who is to return to his native Lancashire to join the Championship side as his wife Hannah is expecting their first child.

"I would have loved to have a concert here," he told BBC Radio Shropshire. "Every day someone mentions Sir Elton John and I'd like another one. It's great for the town and a great financial boost for the club. I'm gutted we didn't get Rod Stewart.

"We'd worked so hard to get that. But we're looking at others. And had Hannah not been expecting in March then I'd still have been here chasing it on a daily basis."