FA People's Cup: Meet the East London Ladies

Meet East London Ladies, an 11-a-side team who entered a 5-a-side team in the FA People's Cup. Radio 1 Extra's Nick Bright caught up with them at their local venue in Shoreditch.

Viv and Pallavi tell us about their roles in the club, their love for the game and their mission to promote women's football in their local area.

"Football is our biggest passion and that passion has driven us to be dedicated to start up East London Ladies, has given us that determination to keep it going, to spread our work out further in the community and get more girls involved in the game," Viv tells Nick.

"We just want to give other females that chance to partake in a sport that's quite male dominated, but to show them that females are able and can do it as well."

Catch up on the action from the first round of the FA People's Cup.