Get Inspired: Mo Farah helped by Iwan Thomas after 1999 London Marathon

Olympic silver medallist Iwan Thomas helped Mo Farah on his way to quadruple Olympic gold with some words of encouragement.

Thomas spoke to Farah when he presented him with his medal at the 1999 Mini London Marathon.

Farah, who completed his 'double double' of 5,000m and 10,000m victories at London 2012 and the Rio Games, was also a keen footballer as a child - but was coaxed into running by his PE teacher.

"We were pretty determined to get competitive teams out for the school and it was very obvious that Mo was a very talented runner," Alan Watkinson - who was also Farah's best man - told BBC Breakfast.

"His running style was just effortless. But he was pretty determined to play football so we had to mix them up and make sure he had his fair share of football so we could get him to run."

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