Ride London 2017: Basky's scrapbook - 100 miles in 100 words

Through his work life and personal life, Basky has experienced the turmoil and devastation that a breast cancer diagnosis can create.

With close family members and work colleagues suffering from the illness in recent years, Basky decided to raise money for the charity that has helped his loved ones back to their feet.

Each experience of cancer was very different; how the diagnosis occurred, family history and the length and choice of recovery treatment. But one thing that all of Basky's loved ones had in common was the impact that Breast Cancer Care had on their mental and physical recovery.

Basky has trained hard for this huge challenge and wants to participate in Ride London to help other people cope with their breast cancer diagnosis.

The Ride London event takes place over three days from 28 to 30 July. You can find details of the BBC's live coverage of the event here, while the BBC Sport website will feature live text commentary of the Ride London 100 and 46 races and the men's elite London-Surrey Classic from 09:00 BST on Sunday.

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