Workout Wednesday: Rowan Cheshire's leg workout

In the seventh of our 2019 series of #WorkoutWednesday routines, Great Britain's freestyle skier Rowan Cheshire guides you through her favourite leg workout that you can try at home.

Rowan's leg workout (three sets of the following seven exercises):

1. Side squat walk (high band) x 10

2. Side squat walk (low band) x 10

3. Squat x 10-15

30secs rest

4. Single leg squats x 5

5. Single leg deadlift x 8-10

30secs rest

6. Hip thrusts x 10

7. Single leg hip thrusts x 8-10

The British Olympic Association and Get Inspired will bring you workouts to you throughout January and February, starring Team GB Olympians. Come back next Wednesday for more!

If you fancy giving skiing a go, find out how here.

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