Shergar Cup, Ascot: Gary Stevens on comebacks and starring in Seabiscuit

Ahead of Saturday's Shergar Cup, legendary jockey Gary Stevens talks to BBC Radio Berkshire about his return to the sport, his love of racing and starring in the film Seabiscuit.

"The biggest thing for me when I go out to ride a race is the fear of failure and fear of disappointing the trainer I'm riding for or the owner," Stevens told BBC Radio Berkshire.

"The same applies when you are doing a scene for a film. I did not want it to be a failure because I had failed, I wanted it to be somebody else's fault.

"You get the same buzz when a director looks at you and you've hit a scene perfectly and he doesn't have to say anything but smile at you.

"It's the same feeling you get when you have ridden a winner and you go back to the winner's enclosure and the trainer looks at you and doesn't say anything, he just winks with a slight smile and you know you've done your job."