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BBC Sport NI tells the remarkable story of Londonderry athlete Jason Smyth, the man who competes without 90% of his sight.

The documentary follows his attempt to become the first ever sprinter to compete in both the Paralympics and Olympics at London 2012.

Jason speaks candidly about sacrifices he has made and the hardships he has overcome as he pushes his heart, body and soul to the limit to make his dream a reality.

BBC Sport NI's Nikki Gregg has been granted exclusive access, charting Jason's journey over the past year.

Jason, who suffers from a condition known as Stargardt's Disease won gold in both the 100m and 200m races in the T13 classification at the 2008 Beijing Games . Since then he has made the crossover to mainstream competition, becoming the first paralympic athlete ever to race at the able-bodied European Championships in 2010.

Jason says," I think obviously things have to be a disadvantage. I mean if you lose 90% of your vision it's impossible for it to be anything but a disadvantage but for me it's normal and I suppose that's just the way it is. I've learnt to get on with it."

Blurring the Lines - BBC1 NI 10.35pm Tuesday 11 September

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