London 2012 Olympic flame lit

A group of young athletes, nominated by British Olympic champions, light the London 2012 cauldron.

After much speculation about who would light the flame, the decision to give the honour to up-and-coming athletes is a clear nod to the organisers' claims that the Games will "inspire a generation."

The cauldron is formed from 204 copper petals which were carried into the stadium by each of the competing nations.

Watch a full replay of the opening ceremony on BBC Sport's interactive video player.

The seven young athletes who had the honour of lighting the cauldron are:

Cameron MacRitchie, rower, nominated by Sir Steve Redgrave

Adelle Tracey, runner, nominated by Dame Kelly Holmes

Katie Kirk, athlete, nominated by Dame Mary Peters

Desiree Henry, runner, nominated by Daley Thompson

Jordan Duckitt, nominated by Duncan Goodhew

Aidan Reynolds, javelin thrower, nominated by Lynne Davies

Callum Airlie, sailor, nominated by Shirley Robertson

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