Russell Crowe on rugby league, 'pyjama' cricket and inspiring kids

Hollywood actor Russell Crowe shares his ideas for the future of rugby league, explains why he doesn't enjoy one-day international "pyjama" cricket, and says sport should be played to "inspire kids".

Originally from New Zealand, 50-year-old Crowe also tells the story of the rise of South Sydney Rabbitohs, the Australian rugby league team he part-owns.

In a wide-ranging interview, Crowe tells BBC Sport's Simon Stone:

* How - and why - he turned the Rabbitohs from "perennial losers" to National Rugby League champions (00:00 - 01:22).

* That "the impossible job" of turning the club around was his "community penance" and he hoped it inspired young people. (01:23 - 02:08)

* How the club's "disgusting" merchandise was transformed so they had what he calls the best turned-out fans. (03:31 - 04:54)

* That he is proud of former Rabbitohs player Sam Burgess, and impressed by his ambition, but there is "some melancholy" over his departure. (06:12 - 09:02)

* That rugby league has the opportunity to expand, but needs to be better at selling itself and suggests a showdown between English and Australian sides in Las Vegas. (09:03 - 12:52)

* Why five-day Test cricket is "majestic" - and why he's "just not into pyjama cricket". (15:15 - 16:09)

* That people grow up in Australia wanting to beat England at everything. (16:10 - 17:19)

The Rabbitohs face St Helens on Sunday in the World Club Series.