Martin Johnson - full conference

Watch the full news conference as former England coach Martin Johnson fields questions on his squad's World Cup performance and gives his response to the leaking of confidential RFU reports into the disappointing campaign in New Zealand.

Here are the highlights:

First three minutes - Johnson opens by talking about the reporting on the leak, how the off-field incidents affected the team and that the players are "horrified" by the way the leak has been reported

4:00 - Johnson says the players made the comments at an emotive time and they were made anonymously

6:05 - Johnson talks about the incident with the female hotel worker, that England could have paid her the compensation she wanted and whether the players invoved were badly advised

9:00 - Johnson on whether he recognises any of the details highlighted in the leaked reports

11:21 - Johnson on whether it is time for Rob Andrew to resign

12:47 - Johnson on how the experience has affected him

14:27 - Johnson insists not all players are guity of misbehaving and on whether England rugby is tearing itself apart

16:40 - Is the RFU a shambles?

19:00 - More on whether Andrew should resign and Johnson talking about being tempted to stay on and fight

20:00 - A further question about the incident with the female hotel worker

21:30 - Was Johnson too friendly with the senior players and does he regret the "rugby player drinks beer shock" reaction to the Mike Tindall incident in Queenstown.

22:30 - Johnson admits mistakes were made at the World Cup and they could have been handled differently

23:30 - Johnson defends bringing a management consultant into the squad

25:40 - Johnson on his resignation - was he made to quit?

26:30 - Johnson on whether he had seen the reports before they were leaked and did they make him resign?

27:20 - Johnson on the future of English rugby and whether his successor should be English

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