Welsh rugby's love of train travel

Wales' 46-man Rugby World Cup training squad gave commuters a shock on Monday when they caught the train from Cardiff to north Wales, but it was not so long ago that international rugby stars travelled by rail to their matches - alongside fans.

In 1968, BBC Wales reporter Brian Hoey joined the likes of Gareth Edwards, Barry John and a young Gerald Davies on the platform at Cardiff before they departed to London ahead of their Five Nations match against England at Twickenham.

As players mingle with supporters on a crowded platform, Hoey says: "The skipper, Norman Gale, ought to have got on the train." Fortunately, Gale did and Wales went on to draw 11-11 with England.

Hoey also speaks to two men who earned their one and only Welsh cap in that game against England: Boyo James and Robert Wanbon.

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