Barry Hearn: The People's Promoter

Barry Hearn The People's Promoter.

Wednesday 6 June, 2320 BST, BBC Two.

Sir David Jason narrates a revealing insight into the life of World Snooker chairman Barry Hearn, one of the most powerful and colourful characters in sport.

This intimate portrait follows him from the snooker club in Romford where it all began to the millionaire's playground of Monte Carlo where he makes his big deals.

There's also a look at Barry's life away from the public glare, fishing in his private lake for carp named after his closest friends and family. He's provocative, opinionated and controversial but there's also another side to Barry, as son and daughter Eddie and Katie reveal.

A self-made millionaire, he's wheeled and dealed, charmed and chanced his way to the top from humble beginnings.

He's managed some of the biggest sporting stars of the past four decades in snooker, boxing and darts, he's turned fishing, poker and tenpin bowling into top televised sports and he bought his local football club, Leyton Orient, to save them from extinction. He even had a top 10 hit in the 80s as the brains behind Chas and Dave's Snooker Loopy.

Always opinionated, often controversial, never dull, Barry has survived a heart attack and near bankruptcy to emerge as one of the unlikeliest sporting heroes of the age.

Featuring contributions from former snooker world champions Steve Davis, Dennis Taylor and Stephen Hendry, darts legend Phil 'The Power' Taylor as well as Greg Dyke, boxing promoter Frank Maloney and son and daughter Eddie and Katie Hearn.The programme profiles the man behind the brash exterior.

The 50 minute programme looks at how Barry achieved his success and his philosophy of sport, business and life.

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