The snooker match that Lee fixed

Watch action from the match Stephen Lee was found to have fixed at the World Snooker Championship.

The 38-year-old from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, has been banned for 12 years and has also been told to pay £40,000 costs after being found guilty of seven match-fixing charges.

One of the games in question was his first-round match at the Crucible against Ryan Day in 2009. Lee was beaten 10-4 - one of the three possible scores that he had agreed to lose by in that match. It meant associates made thousands of pounds through betting.

The footage highlights a number of misses by Lee during the later stages of the match. However it is not known whether these were genuine mistakes or points at which Lee was fixing the outcome.

When Lee takes on a difficult double rather than a more straightforward shot, commentator Neal Foulds says: "That tells me he fancies trying to make a 147 more than he fancies winning this match because that is the wrong shot."

On another occasion when Lee misses a potential frame-winning chance, Foulds says: "This is a comedy of errors now. That should have been potted."

Day played no part in the match-fixing and last week said he was shocked to be part of a fixed snooker game.

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