Terrell Lawrence: Meet the UK's first male basketball cheerleader

UK basketball's first male cheerleader

Plymouth Raiders have become the first professional basketball club in Great Britain to have a male cheerleader.

Terrell Lawrence has joined the British Basketball League (BBL) club's troupe of dancers for their home games.

"My friends say it's really cool," the 17-year-old former contemporary and ballet dancer told BBC South West.

"There's been no negativity and some of my friends say they want to do it and I've told them to come along to the auditions," he added.

The Raiders are currently bottom of the BBL having lost all of their games this season, and Lawrence will be on the sidelines as new head coach Daryl Corletto takes charge for the first time against unbeaten leaders Leicester Riders on Friday.

Head cheerleader Kirensa Cameron-MacNab added: "He tends to have some more steps than us sometimes, he's brought a really individual style that a lot of us are learning from.

"Once he knew the moves he was in there straight away. He's got the energy, he's got the dedication and the commitment.

"The minute you pass auditions you're a Raiders cheerleader, so there's nothing left for him to achieve, he's just got to carry on being who he is.

"There are other guys out there that love dancing and are amazing at dancing, so it would be great to see more Terrells," she added.

In what is a female-dominated world, has it been hard to be the only man?

"It's been really nice and it really means a lot when people compliment me and compliment the girls," Lawrence said.

"I've met a whole new group of friends and the girls are really supportive towards me. The whole community of Plymouth and the Raiders are really supportive of me and what I want to do."