Q&A: One Direction's Josh Devine

Josh Devine, One Direction

One Direction drummer Josh Devine tells BodyPositive about staying active, being on the road with the band and an item of clothing that gets him funny looks.

Hi Josh! Do you think you're a body positive person?

Yes, definitely. Society makes everyone have such a distorted view of what a 'perfect' body looks like. I think that no matter what your shape or size you should love your body and aim to be healthy and happy rather than trying to look like an airbrushed model.

In the public eye with a huge a female fan base do you feel pressure to look a certain way?

Yeah, very much so at the beginning of my career, I was so new to it all! Not as much any more. I guess I just want to always look my best, but more so for myself as I want to try and keep as fit and healthy as I can, so I can do my job playing the drums to the best of my ability, as well as be able to be active and play sports and all that.

Is the Josh that sits at home watching Netflix (or BBC) the same Josh that walks past the paparazzi into a night club?

I would say so, yes… just a little more dressed up to go out (probably) although I do enjoy nipping out in my dressing gown.. that always gets funny looks!

One Direction

How difficult was it to maintain a healthy life style on tour with One Direction?

It actually wasn't that difficult. We had incredible catering from the start so there was always good healthy food, and the boys also had a great personal trainer on the road called Mark Jarvis who very kindly trained me as well, so the option to be healthy and active was always there and encouraged.

Would you say that being a committed drummer is sufficient enough of a workout to maintain overall fitness?

It definitely is a killer workout. Playing two-and-a-half-hour shows every night requires a good level of fitness. For myself though I still felt the need to go to the gym and have a good workout or run after or before, or sometimes both! Drumming is a different kind of fitness to running, playing football or other active things.

Do you feel that there is a connection between your physical wellbeing and mental strength?

Yeah, definitely. I personally feel my best mentally and creatively when I am in an active routine. Just something as simple as eating healthier or having a run or doing something active definitely helps your mental strength.

What you say to young people who are not feeling body positive?

Modern society has instilled in everyone that we must look a certain way, that if you aren't a size 6, or don't have huge boobs, or haven't got a ripped six pack then you haven't reached 'perfection'. When actually it's all about being healthy and keeping active, regardless of your shape or size, that to me is a perfect body.

Just simple things like making good, healthy food choices and doing some exercise can dramatically change your confidence and will help you to love and look after your body!

Just remember your body is YOURS, not anyone else's, so don't let anyone else's opinion but your own dictate how you 'have' to look.