Commonwealth Games 2014: England name bowls squad

Ellen Falkner

Defending Commonwealth Games champions Ellen Falkner and Natalie Melmore have been named in England's squad for Glasgow 2014.

Also included in Bowls England's line-up are fellow Delhi 2010 medal winners Stuart Airey, Sian Honnor [nee Gordon] and Jamie Lea Winch.

There are five people in each of the men's and women's squads.

There are also five players in para-sport events, including Bob Love, David Fisher and Paul Brown in the triples.

"It's an amazing feeling to have it all confirmed," reigning women's singles champion Melmore told BBC Sport.

"You always hope in the back of your mind that you'll get the chance to defend a medal, but until it comes through and it's all signed and sealed you don't want to relax about it.

"The Commonwealth Games is our Olympics. We're not in the Olympics so this is the only multi-sport event that we compete in and it's such an amazing achievement to get there."

England's Commonwealth Games lawn bowls team

Women: Singles - Natalie Melmore; Pairs - Jamie Lea Winch and Natalie Melmore; Triples - Sophie Tolchard, Ellen Falkner and Sian Honnor; Fours - Sophie Tolchard, Jamie Lea Winch, Ellen Falkner and Sian Honnor.

Men: Singles - Sam Tolchard; Pairs - Andrew Knapper and Sam Tolchard; Triples - John McGuinness, Stuart Airey and Jamie Chestney; Fours - John McGuinness, Andrew Knapper, Stuart Airey and Jamie Chestney.

Para-Sport: Triples - Bob Love, David Fisher and Paul Brown; Mixed pair - Doreen Flanders and Steve Simmons supported by two directors - Moira Sheehan and Jeffrey Smith.

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