Bradley Watson confident ahead of TV bow

Bradley Watson
Watson fought his first professional fight in March

Guernsey's Bradley Watson is confident he can win his first televised bout.

The self-styled 'Glamour Boy' was signed by promoter Frank Maloney in March, after defeating Salim Salimov on points in his first professional fight.

The Sarnian faces Sheffield's Anwar Alfadli in Gillingham on Friday, with the fight to be aired live on Sky TV.

Watson said: "I'm just going to stay on top of him and work. I'm fit enough to have a continuous workrate for 12 minutes, so it's not a problem."

His Kuwaiti-born opponent for his second fight has won only one of his previous 15 fights but Watson is remaining cautious.

"He switches his stance," said Watson. "He's got a low guard, he jumps in left, right and centre - you just don't know what he's going to throw."