Haye to shock Klitschko with new strategy - Booth

By Ben DirsBBC Sport

David Haye's trainer Adam Booth says Wladimir Klitschko will find it impossible to predict his charge's strategy when they meet on 2 July.

Britain's WBA heavyweight champion Haye faces Ukraine's IBF and WBO title-holder Klitschko in a blockbuster unification showdown in Hamburg.

"The lust David has for this strategy is exciting," Booth told BBC Sport.

"The bigger the challenge, the more lust David has for it. I'm astounded once again at how up for it David is."

While Booth refused to reveal any details of the new strategy, he said it would be like nothing the Klitschko camp had seen before.

Haye, 30, was criticised in some quarters for his cautious, back-foot approach when he beat Nikolay Valuev for the WBA belt in 2009 - but Booth said his man would be different this time.

Booth said: "They can attempt to predict the two or three styles they may see in David Haye - the way he fights in spurts, has a lot of reset time.

"But I guarantee they cannot predict what David is going to do on 2 July. We know it [the strategy], and we know he can do it. This is his moment now."

Nevertheless, Booth, who has been in Haye's corner for all 27 of his fights since he turned professional in 2002, conceded Klitschko would be "the most dangerous opponent by a country mile".

Klitschko, 35, has won 55 of his 58 pro fights, with a remarkable 49 knockouts, and has not lost since 2004.

"David's never boxed or sparred with anyone as dangerous as Wladimir Klitschko, it will have to be the performance of David's life," said Booth.

"But it's the same the other way round as well - Wladimir Klitschko has not boxed anyone as dangerous as David will be.

"I'm going to get scans on my shoulders after the fight - Wladimir's chin and my shoulders are going to bear testament to how David's punching, he's punching murderously. He can't hide it, the desire that he's got."

Meanwhile, Haye said his rival's recent charm offensive - Klitschko impressed many with his refinement during a visit to the United Kingdom last month - would count for nothing once the first bell tolls.

"I've noticed he's been making a big effort with the charm," Haye told BBC Sport, "going beyond the call of duty trying to be everyone's friend.

"But none of that will help him. It won't matter how intelligent he is, the 18 languages won't help him either. Who cares about all of that? The best fighter wins.

"He's been knocked down in the past, but whether or not he's chinny I'll find out. If he is, he'll come unstuck pretty soon.

"I guarantee that I will land on his chin at some stage of the fight and he won't know what happened to him.

"I'll look to stick one on him as early as possible, let him know the power's there. He's going to get punished and hurt."

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