Nick Blackwell welcomes 'underdog' tag in Murray fight

Trowbridge boxer Nick Blackwell says he will embrace being the underdog for his fight against Martin Murray.

The pair meet in Wigan on Saturday for the British, Commonwealth and inter-continental middleweight titles.

Murray, who is backed by the promotion team of former world champion Ricky Hatton, has 22 unbeaten fights under his belt compared to Blackwell's eight.

"I love being the underdog, it keeps the pressure off," Blackwell, 20, told BBC Points West.

"You're going out there and doing stuff people don't expect you to do."

Blackwell, who has a background in unlicensed boxing, turned professional in June 2009 and became the youngest ever holder of an English middleweight title when he beat Harry Matthews in November.

Despite lacking the experience of St Helens' Murray, 28, Blackwell has warned his competitor not to underestimate his talent.

"When I was unlicensed, I was 16 and fighting fully-grown men of 26 or 27 who were two stone heavier than me and I was stopping them back then," he said.

"This is exactly the same. Murray is the same weight as me and he's more experienced but it's not going to faze me.

"He's been boxing as a pro for eight years, and I've been doing it for under two, but they didn't know I had the unlicensed fights. I kept that quiet.

"This week we told them about the unlicensed fights and now they are starting to change their attitude a bit.

"I think they've underestimated me. I'm confident in my ability."

And Blackwell is already looking beyond Saturday's bout: "If I win the British title, I can defend it three times and then keep it, which is every boxer's dream.

"I took [the fight] because I knew I could win and if I win it can open so many more doors, and I'm halfway to where I want to be.

"It would give me a Commonwealth, WBA and inter-continental title which would definitely give me a world ranking, which is a massive achievement."

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