David Haye to make decision on future 'in next few weeks'

David Haye has told the BBC he will make a decision on his boxing future "in the next few weeks" after losing to Wladimir Klitschko in Saturday's heavyweight unification clash

"My cut-off date is in three months [13 October when he turns 31], which in boxing terms is not a long time," the Briton told BBC Sport's Olly Foster.

However, the 30-year-old also said he would "love a rematch" with Klitschko.

"He said he can knock me out and I'd love him to give it a go," added Haye.

The Londoner battled for the full 12 rounds before losing by a unanimous decision after the judges scored the fight 117-109, 118-108 and 116-110 in favour of the 35-year-old Ukrainian.

Haye praised Klitschko, stating he was a "brilliant fighter", but said the reason for his own poor performance was a broken toe.

He also said that other factors had affected him at Hamburg's Imtech Arena.

"There were a lot of shenanigans," added Haye, who lost his WBA title to IBF and WBO title holder Klitschko.

"We had a dodgy referee that let him get away with all sorts of infringements. They also sent me down [to the ring] through the crowd instead of down a barricaded ringwalk. I was getting trampled by people. There were loads of little things behind the scenes.

"But I thought, even if the ref is dodgy I'll find a way to win somehow. But he was too good on the night."

Haye's manager and trainer Adam Booth also vented his anger at Chicago referee Genaro Rodriguez.

"I'm disgusted with the referee," he said. "Absolutely disgusted. Counted him [Haye] when he got pushed to the canvas instead of saying something. I let my feelings be known to him at the end," said Booth.

Bermondsey-born Haye, who had planned to fight once more before his retirement in October, said he would consider a rematch.

"Listen, will he want to give me a rematch when I'm 100% fit? I don't know," Haye said. "If not, then I don't know. I really don't know. I'd love him to give me a rematch.

"If he couldn't knock me out on one leg, pretty much, then how about when I'm fit?

"I think it would be interesting. I think I hurt him more than he hurt me but that's boxing."

Klitschko responded: "You know what? If the guy wants a rematch and comes into the press conference shouting 'I want a rematch, that was nothing,' then OK.

"But I didn't see from David Haye a real desire to have a rematch. Instead the rematch was actually pushed to him [by reporters] and he was like 'OK, maybe, I don't know, whatever'.

"If there is a rematch I will definitely knock him out and right now I'm in the driver's seat and I'll have a think about what I'm going to do next."

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