Vitali Klitschko v Dereck Chisora - as it happened

Vitali Klitschko
Vitali Klitschko

By Marc Higginson


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2355: It's time to bid you a fond farewell for now, but not before letting you know that Chris Eubank Jr beat Jason Ball on points in Rotherham to record the second professional victory of his embryonic career. He looked pretty impressive too. It's been a thrilling night of boxing once again. Thank you for your company and don't forget to check out Ben Dirs' fight report from Munich.

2348: Whatever you think of Chisora's antics, he certainly put in a gutsy performance in the ring. He has split opinion on Twitter, but is that all part of the act that helps fill arenas? Vitali knows he has been in a fight tonight - and Del Boy has proved plenty of doubters wrong.

Josh Simpkin on Twitter: "I think Chisora's actions were to get the crowd going, very much like Haye but not as good at doing it... #bbcboxing"

2341: David Haye is being interviewed post-fight and he has challenged Vitali Klitschko to a future bout. Could it be a blockbusting summer, with Vitali up against Haye and Wladimir taking on Chisora?

Joe Hall on Twitter: "Klitschko was a true champion tonight, much respected #bbcboxing"

Jordan James on Twitter:"After yesterday, and the spit, I wanted Chisora's blood. However, the interview is courteous & fair. Hard to judge his character. #bbcboxing"

2332: Vitali Klitschko says: "I am happy to defend my title. It was a good performance from Chisora. I don't want to make excuses - it was not easy - but I saw every punch from Chisora. I am upset because I wanted to finish the fight before 12 rounds. He tried to punch me to my body but I have a strong stomach. It didn't hurt. I have respect for Chisora as a fighter, but not as a human. He set a bad example for boxing and all fighters. He came from Great Britain but he is not a gentleman."

2328: Chisora is actually quite gracious in defeat during his interview with British television, but does say he does not regret any of his actions. Frank Warren pledges poor behaviour before the fight will not happen again, however. "With a bit more experience, he can become a future world champion," he adds.

2323: It is hard to hear Chisora over the incredible sound of boos, but he says: "They can boo me and hate me, but I don't care. I will not give any excuses. I got beat by experience, but he did not hurt me." He and his promoter Frank Warren then call for a rematch, or a fight with Vitali's brother Wladimir.

2322: Television pictures have shown Chisora spitting water in the direction of Wladimir Klitschko moments before the fight started. It's not pleasant viewing.

John Smithers on Twitter:"Klitschko looks absolutely done in at the bell. He clearly won but few would've thought #chisora would trouble him like that #bbcboxing"

2318: And there we have it. Vitali Klitschko is announced as the unanimous winner on points. And, guess what, we have more problems as Chisora faces up to his opponent for a final time. Somebody needs to tell him the fight is over...

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "One thing Dereck Chisora deserves from tonight is respect. To the end he stayed strong, pressing and swinging. He made Vitali work every second of every round."

2317: He might have let himself down outside of the ring, but Chisora can take plenty of plaudits for his display in the ring. The animosity is still there, however, as Wladimir clashes with people from Del Boy's camp. Handbags...

Twelve and final round: Chisora throws everything but the kitchen sink at Klitschko in the early stages, but Vitali plugs any leaks in his defence. The defending champion needs to use all his experience to keep the challenger at bay. It's been a fantastic effort, but it's over and we are about to get confirmation that Klitschko is still the WBC heavyweight champion of the world.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Dereck can take immense credit and encouragement from this performance. The thing he is lacking is an element to his attack. Vitali's ability to compete with his arsenal has been better than Dereck's."

Eleventh round: Some nice combinations from Klitschko show there is still something left in the tank for the champion. He is keeping Chisora out of the way - the Brit struggling to find a way through. We're heading to the final round. It would be Rocky-esque if Del Boy pulled this one off.

@vincent737 on Twitter:"Fair play to Chisora, he's surprised everyone with this performance. Needs a knockout, but let's face it, he needed it regardless." #bbcboxing

2308: Six minutes left in the fight. Can Del Boy do it?

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "The bravery of Dereck is incredible. Other heavyweights cannot take these shots that Chisora is taking. He just keeps plodding forward."

Tenth round: It's a cagey start to the round for Chisora, but he starts to unload some ambitious punches midway through. Vitali looks like he might be playing for time, knowing he is well ahead on points. He can't get sloppy, however, because Del Boy packs a punch.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Dereck is showing signs of tiredness but not signs of distress. Vitali should start standing his ground. Dereck is still dictating some momentum."

Ninth round: Chisora's body shots have made a mark on Vitali's body, and possibly his stamina. Del Boy is looking tired himself though and he gets caught with a heavy punch that opens up a cut. A strong finish gives Vitali another round, meaning Chisora must surely start thinking about going for a knockout. The judges' scorecards are announced and they back that theory up. For all his effort, Chisora is behind in the fight.

Matt in Glasgow, via text: "Chisora belongs on this stage. Despite all his posturing he has made his name tonight regardless of the outcome."

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Bravery is keeping Chisora in this fight. He's taking thudding shots that are landing heavily, with impact. Vitali still seems strong."

Eighth round: Chisora matches his opponent shot for shot. True to his word, it's a massive effort and some big rights unsettle Vitali. There is no knockout, but it's another proud performance from the Brit. He might have won his first round there...

2256: We're into the eighth round where Chisora predicted he would finish the fight...

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Dereck faded in the second half of that round. Vitali upped his game in that round. The next round is the most critical in this fight."

Seventh round: This is further than Vitali predicted the fight would go. Still Chisora marches forward and he starts to rattle Klitschko, who seems to be feeling the pace. Del Boy has been the aggressor in this round, and he even has time for some showboating. A strong finish, however, means the defending champion probably edges the round.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Vitali is winning every round but he is being made to work as hard as I can remember. Chisora, with only 17 professional fights behind him, belongs at this level. He's proved me and people like me wrong."

@mattjohnston011 on Twitter:"Come on Chisora! You can do it, you're holding up well you, just have to avoid those big punches." #bbcboxing

Sixth round: Chisora is growing into the fight - he is not taking a backward step. A right hook finds the target and Klitschko is starting to realise he is in a real scrap here. He hits back, however, with a right hook of his own. It doesn't knock Del Boy out of his stride, who is surprising us all with a gutsy performance.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "That was the closest round by far. Dereck is the one that looks more comfortable in there. This is becoming the fight that I truly never thought it could be."

Fifth round: Chisora's pace slows down, which plays into the hands of Klitschko. Vitali is happy to sit on the back foot and line up his rival. He loses another round, but he is not being disgraced in there.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Chisora has stepped up to the level. He's lost every round but what he's proving is that he can take shots at this level. Mentally he looks like he's still in the fight, making Vitali work harder than he wants to."

2243: The judges' current scorecards have been announced to the 12,000-strong crowd. No surprise to report Klitschko is ahead on them all.

Fourth round: Klitschko's class is shining through here. He is dominating the middle of the ring and looks in complete control, despite the best efforts of Chisora. Del Boy can't seem to land any shots to his opponent's head. The body shots are landing, but will they have any effect?

2240: We're into the fourth round, where Vitali said he will force the pace and go for the victory. Let's see what happens...

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Vitali has won every round but Dereck is marching him down and plodding forward like a man possessed. How old is Vitali going to become in this fight?"

Third round: Chisora's chin is holding up well at the moment, but he cannot keep absorbing such strong punches. He is showing plenty of aggression in there, however, and is giving Vitali no rest. He is relentless - going for an outrageous shot at the bell - but the experience and nous of the defending champion is enough for him to take the round.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Chisora is remaining strong and putting some pressure on Vitali, making Vitali work. But Dereck needs to move his head."

Second round: Chisora is not going to lie down. He connects with some good shots, and is having some success. Klitschko hits back with three massive punches, looking to pick off his frenetic opponent. Del Boy is doing his best to knock Vitali out of his stride, but he looks like he might walk on to some big counter punches.

Adam Booth, David Haye's trainer, in Munich for BBC Radio 5 live: "Klitschko's using his natural heavy-handedness with low hands to prevent Dereck ducking and rolling."

First round: The two go toe-to-toe, with Chisora throwing some wild shots. The Brit is on the front foot and working away at the body but Vitali is doing a good job of keeping him at bay. There is no love lost in there. Klitschko finishes the round well, catching Chisora with a couple of stinging right hands.

2226: And we're under way in Munich.

2225: The unmistakable tones of announcer Michael Buffer announce we are 'ready to rumble'.

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Munich: "Chisora's wearing what appears to be a medieval knight's heraldic tabard. Sir Fallsalot?"

@nickblake00 on Twitter:"I predict an upset - Chisora to win round five!" #bbcboxing

2222: The two national anthems are now being played as Vitali stands shoulder to shoulder with his brother Wladimir. Their collective width looks to be about the same as a row of terrace houses.

2220: Chisora is still acting up. He walks straight up to Vitali and is pulled away by his corner. It's getting tasty in there.

2218: Vitali's VT declares it is 'Judgement Day'. Klitschko is walking in like he means business. I suspect Chisora has done himself no favours at all with his pre-fight antics.

2216: And here comes Vitali. Plenty of cheers for the defending champion. A massive church bell has descended from the ceiling, with a voiceover declaring that Chisora has offended the Klitschkos. Strains of AC/DC's 'Hell's Bells' echo around the arena.

2215: Chisora was not allowed to walk in to his usual entrance music, The Only Fools and Horses theme. The organisers said it was not serious enough. A slap in the face for Del Boy?

2213: The flaming piano is gone, and the announcer is under the spotlight. Dereck Chisora is introduced to a cacophony of boos. It's intimidating for the Brit. He is walking in to the sound of LL Cool J's song 'Mama Said Knock You Out' and to the chimes of Big Ben. He is wearing a black and red bandana, covering his face.

Dominic in Northamptonshire, via text: "No access to a TV so counting on you guys to keep me posted this evening! Rooting for Vitali; Chisora is a little too up-himself in my opinion."

Matt Edwards on Twitter: "Listening to #bbcboxing Klitschko v Chisora. Mike Costello is brilliant - passion and knowledge - best sports broadcaster on air today."

Good stuff Matt. The link to the commentary is to the top right if anybody else wants to tune in.

2210: And here's more from Boris Becker:"They're big friends of mine [the Klitschko brothers]. When I get a chance to come home and catch a fight I take the opportunity. I'd love to see the two of them fight each other, but that will never happen. I think Vitali will win tonight in seven rounds."

2208: We've heard the predictions of the two fighters, and here's what other big names in the sport think will happen:

Lennox Lewis: "Vitali is very good but Chisora has a chance. He is a heavyweight. All it takes is one punch on the chin to win."

Danny Williams, who once knocked out Mike Tyson: "I give Dereck no chance. Klitschko is leagues above the heavyweight division and I think he will slowly beat Chisora up. He'll win, somewhere between the sixth and eighth round."

Barry McGuigan, writing in Saturday's Daily Mirror: "It will be a massive shock were Chisora to pull this off, but he has a punchers' chance against a 40-year-old. I would rather see him go all guns blazing than attempt to defend his way to the bell. Shocks do happen. Chisora has to get on the front foot, to throw punches in bunches, move his head and keep the pace hot. If Chisora can maintain the intensity he has a chance."

The afore mentioned Jason Booth, a former British and Commonwealth champion: "It's a big no. The Klitschkos are absolute monsters. Vitali will have too much power and strength."

2205: The good news - I think - is Boris Becker has managed to get ringside. He is not too happy about the slap, saying Chisora disrespected his opponent.

Daniel Jay Kerr on Twitter: "Christina Perry singing in the build up to a big fight. Let's hope the fight is a bit more up tempo #bbcboxing"

2202: And now the piano is on fire. As if we needed to fan the flames any more.

2200: Christina is singing Jar of Hearts while sat at a piano in the ring. It's certainly different, and quite mellow. However, I doubt it will dampen the flames of fury that seem to be affecting the fighters.

2158: The lights have gone down in Munich, and we are being entertained by pop singer Christina Perri. Ten minutes until we can expect the two fighters.

2155: In a television interview, Chisora puts the secret of his success down to eating eight boiled eggs a day. Do you reckon he has them with soldiers?

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Munich: "Boris Becker just got ticketed by security. He may or may not have said 'do you know who I am?"

@AForce316 on Twitter: "Vitali top five, Wlad top ten. Both legends. If you show this my girlfriend will marry me!" #bbcboxing

I expect an invite to the wedding now, AForce.

@Sparky121 on Twitter:"Vitali would maybe sneak into my top ten but never Wladimir. To many fights he has left his chin in the dressing room!" #bbcboxing

2148: Both boxers have made their predictions, with Chisora saying he will win in the eighth round while Klitschko is planning on being back in his dressing room, with his belt still around his waist, by the end of the sixth round at the very latest. Vitali said: "The first round I will be looking at his weaknesses. Second round will be a warm-up. Round number three I will try a couple of combinations, my homework. In round four or five, maximum six, I will knock him out."

@The_King_Clown on Twitter:"I think the slap's a great move. Make Vitali angry, he tries to end it early, avoid him until he tires, then go for a knockout." #bbcboxing

Carl in Nuneaton, via text: "I'm English, my grandparents are Ukrainian. I want Klitschko to win as soon as possible. Chisora has embarrassed himself, the flag and his country."

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs in Munich for the bout: "They made him rewrap, Chisora got the raving hump, but it's all OK again. That said, 10-15 min delay..."

2140: Dean Powell, who is wrapping Chisora's hands this evening, tells BoxNation: "Vitali's complaining saying you can't put tape on the skin. Then they started saying stuff about the gauze. I've never heard anything like it, it was just ridiculous. Wlad wasn't even at the rules meeting yesterday so he doesn't know what was discussed. I have done Dereck's hands now and he's ready. They were just trying to upset Dereck, but he's OK."

2138: Another of the weird and wonderful things you will find at Chisora's house is a traditional, mechanical parking meter. He could do with any change from that to pay his fine from the WBC, handed down by the governing body for the now famous slap. It would be doing Vitali an injustice to call him mechanical, but he himself admits his style might not be easy on the eye but is very effective. So where does he and Wladimir rank alongside the great heavyweights in history? You know the drill by now - tweet us (#bbcboxing) or send a text to 81111.

2136: You might have guessed from his nickname, and madcap antics, that Del Boy Chisora is a big fan of Only Fools and Horses. He actually owns a yellow three-wheeler similar to the one his namesake made famous. He plans to buy a double-decker bus and turn it into a playroom for his children should he win tonight. I bet his kids are rooting for their dad. It certainly knocks a Wendy house into a cocked hat.

2133: Wladimir Klitschko, who has just emerged from brother Vitali's dressing room, tells BoxNation: "There are certain rules on gauzing and taping the hands. You have to follow the rules. We were following them. I've been in this sport for 16 years and I know what I'm talking about. Are we now satisfied? Yes."


2130: The fight has been delayed by 10 minutes because of an issue with Dereck Chisora's handwraps. We expect the first bell to go at 2210GMT now. The shenanigans continue...

2127: Elsewhere in the world of boxing, we will keep you posted of Chris Eubank Jr's progress against Jason Ball in Rotherham, where he fights on the undercard of Kid Galahad and Jason Booth's fight for the vacant WBC Intercontinental super-bantamweight title.

@SteveJacks1 on Twitter:"The slap was a very ill-advised move. If Chisora had any chance of beating Klitschko it disappeared in that two seconds of madness!" #bbcboxing

BBC Radio 5 live's boxing producer Ben North in Munich: "There's a wretched heavyweight fight on at the moment, it's not exactly getting the crowd stirred up!"

BBC Sport's Ben Dirs is in the Olympiahalle in Munich for the bout:"The usual sedate atmosphere at the Olympiahalle… more Spassky-Fischer than Klitschko-Chisora."

2120: As for Del Boy, he has lost two of his last three fights. However, his last defeat - to Finland's Robert Helenius - was controversial with the Londoner appearing to have shaded the contest. The bookmakers certainly don't give Chisora a chance tonight. He is priced at 10-1 to win. To put that into context, Stevenage are virtually the same price to beat Tottenham in the FA Cup on Sunday. Chisora deserves to keep the rabbit if he pulls this one out of the hat.

2116: Whatever his reasons were for the slap, Chisora has done himself no favours with such a lack of respect for a boxing legend. Vitali might be 40-years-old, but he has an impressive career record of 43 wins from 45 fights. The last of those defeats came against Britain's Lennox Lewis in 2003, with only three fighters ever taking the elder Klitschko to the final bell. Throw in the fact he has never been knocked to the canvas, and you can see why it was probably not a good idea for Chisora to be upsetting his opponent.

@Dubstep1988 on Twitter: "Rumours circulating that Del Boy Chisora is going to come out to a Prodigy remix "Slap my Klitsch Up.." #bbcboxing

2112: Or is it? As PrimeFresh points out on Ben Dirs' pre-fight blog, this lack of sportsmanship might have been tactical. The Brit might have been trying to get under the skin of his rival to engage him at close quarters once the bell rings, rather than being on the end of his jab?

2108: So come on fight fans, tell me...what was going through Dereck Chisora's head when he decided to slap Vitali Klitschko at the weigh-in? We've all done daft things in our time, but surely riling a 6ft 7½ ins heavyweight champion 24 hours before you meet him in the ring is not the cleverest thing to do?

2105: If you fancy listening to the fight - while following this live text commentary, of course - BBC Radio 5 live are out in Munich for us and they will be on air from 2145GMT. Commentator Mike Costello will be joined by Adam Booth, who knows all about the Klitschko brothers after being in David Haye's corner when the Briton was beaten by Vitali's brother Wladimir in Hamburg last summer.

2102: As ever,we greatly appreciate your interaction - so why not tweet us with your views and predictions, using the hashtag #bbcboxing, or send a text to 81111 from within the UK? Make sure you include your name on the message.

2100: Well, we've had the slap but it will take more than a tickle for Dereck Chisora to defeat Vitali Klitschko in Munich tonight and, in the process, become the WBC heavyweight champion of the world. Can the self-styled 'Del Boy' do it? Who knows, but what I can promise you is we will keep you posted every step, slap and punch of the way.

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