Dereck Chisora will get WBC hearing despite indefinite ban

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The World Boxing Council says British boxer Dereck Chisora will receive a proper hearing despite already being given an indefinite ban and heavy fine.

Chisora was banned for his behaviour before and after his heavyweight title bout with Vitali Klitschko in Munich.

But WBC president Jose Sulaiman said: "He is a human being so we're not going to put him in the trash."

Bernd Boente, the manager of the Klitschko brothers, said Chisora "needs help" to control his temper.

Chisora slapped Klitschko at the weigh-in, spat water at his brother Wladimir in the ring before the fight and brawled with British rival David Haye at the post-fight news conference.

Chisora's promoter Frank Warren questioned how a punishment could be issued without an official process.

Sulamainc responded on Wednesday, saying: "He must pay for the mistake but also we have to give him another opportunity.

"We're going to have a hearing. It will take place as soon as possible," he told Sky Sports. "We're asking our representative to go ahead and do the hearing immediately."

But Boente agreed with the decision to ban Chisora.

"I think it's the right step because somewhere and somehow you have to stop people like Chisora," he told the BBC.

"It's the right way to go. Someone has to help him."

"He beat his former girlfriend, he slapped Vitali, he spat at Wladimir and was completely out of his mind in the locker room while bandaging," he added on BBC World Service, "so the guy I really think needs help."

Chisora's behaviour in Munich was described by the WBC as "one of the worst-ever by a professional".

It also demanded that the 28-year-old should seek anger management treatment before it considers whether to lift its suspension.

In the statement, it said: "Dereck Chisora is not going to tarnish the sport for those born in the humblest beds, who become sports heroes of the world to live a life of dignity and pride."

David Haye's part in the brawl has also been questioned but Boente believes that the incident was just the "final straw".

"Don't forget what he did before," said Boente. "He spat into Wladimir's face and slapped Vitali which had nothing to do with the brawl at the press conference. That was all before then.

"Everybody knows exactly what happened. He did it in front of the cameras and then the British Boxing Board of Control have to make a decision. I am pretty sure he will get a fair hearing.

Despite the events Boente is refusing to rule out the possibility of a rematch with one of the Klitschko brothers, although concedes that it is unlikely to be Vitali.

"I am pretty sure Chisora will be banned for at least a year and I am not sure Vitali will still be fighting by then.

"But a fight against Vladimir in a year or two is possible but, first of all, I think Chisora needs some help."