Iain Weaver: British Boxing Board of Control refuse licence

By Nabil HassanBBC Sport
Iain Weaver (right)

The Boxing Board of Control have said they will still not issue a licence to Dorset's Iain Weaver after a medical panel refused to clear him to fight.

The former amateur star, who will fight at super-featherweight, first failed to gain a licence last year after a scan revealed he had a cyst on his brain.

But despite being cleared by two independent specialists, the board's medical panel will still not clear him.

The 23-year-old says he may be forced into legal action to save his career.

"I've seen two specialists and they've both said I'm OK to fight, but the board are still saying no. I don't know why," Weaver told BBC Sport.

"I have people who are qualified telling me I can box.

"I don't know what is happening with the board and why they won't give me a licence but it looks like I'm going to have to take them to court or get a licence to fight abroad."

But the board's general secretary Robert Smith said: "We take advice from various medical specialists and if there is any danger at all no boxer will be granted a licence.

"We have received his medical and we have received opinion from two specialists that have been considered by our medical panel.

"But he has been unable to pass the board's medical."

Smith also confirmed to BBC Sport that they had received a letter from the Ferndown fighter's solicitors, following last week's decision not to grant him a licence.

"I don't think they would have a leg to stand on (in court) to be honest as I've proved I'm safe to fight," added Weaver, who won silver at the 2010 European Amateur Championships in Moscow. "I don't know why they are being so difficult.

"It's starting to anger me, I know I'm safe to fight, I've proved I'm safe to fight, I've paid a lot of money to go and see two specialists and they both said, 'the risk of you fighting with a cyst is not a lot more than someone fighting without it'.

"They (the board) are giving me the same excuse every time, saying 'cysts are prone to bleeding'. They are not prone to bleeding. It is very rare for them to bleed, I've been told it's a one in a 1000 chance and even that is after a fatal collision or something similar.

"The specialist told me that they had only seen one bleed in their life and that was after a car accident."

But Smith defended the board's decision.

"We take advice from various medical specialists and if there is any danger at all no boxer will be granted a licence," he said.

But Weaver countered: "There is nothing wrong with me. I've had 115 fights and sparred god knows how many hours."

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