Carl Froch: George Groves to pay for 'arrogance'

'Annoying' Groves motivates Froch

Carl Froch says George Groves will pay for his "arrogance", "rudeness" and "lack of respect" when they meet for the IBF and WBA world super-middleweight titles on Saturday.

Groves has said he should be favourite, and that riled the Nottingham fighter.

Froch told BBC East Midlands: "He has been rude and I don't like rude people; there is no need for it. But it has been good in that it has motivated me.

"He is very childish. He has made a big mistake annoying me."

Unbeaten Groves, 25, is supremely confident he can inflict a third career defeat on 36-year-old Froch at the Manchester Arena this weekend.

But Froch, a veteran of 13 previous world title fights, has no doubt he is ready to see off his fellow Englishman.

"The fact he has been annoying, disrespectful and arrogant has given me the extra motivation that I have needed at this late stage in my career," Froch added.

"He has been downright rude, but I can't let that affect me in the fight. I can't let my boxing shape change because of the way I am feeling emotionally. He is not winding me up so I am outraged, but I don't like the guy. When you don't like somebody you can use it in a positive way.

Froch feels in 'prime' of his career

"It's given me the extra drive when I am getting up in the morning and it's cold and wet and I think 'shall I go tomorrow?'. I don't do that, I go today because I want to do the business.

"I am in a good place and am looking forward to it."

And Froch insists the 11-year age gap between the two men is of no concern.

"People say Carl Froch is getting old, and obviously I am because I am 36," Froch said. "But I have been a professional boxer for 11 years and I can honestly say I feel in my physical prime."