Kellie Maloney considering return as a boxing promoter

Boxing promoter Frank Maloney
Prior to gender re-assignment Frank Maloney led Lennox Lewis to the world heavyweight title

Kellie Maloney is considering applying for a promoter's licence after relinquishing her original licence in 2013 to start gender reassignment.

Before the treatment, Maloney steered Briton Lennox Lewis to the 1999 world heavyweight title,external-link the highlight of a 30-year career.

"I would love to go back and prove that Kellie can achieve the same thing Frank achieved," she told BBC Radio 5 live.

"If I feel like it, I think I will apply for my licence," Maloney added.

She admitted it was a difficult decision to go public about the transition at the end of last year.

"Transitioning is a very hard thing and a very personal thing and I believe you've got to do it. Frank was a very unhappy person if I tell the truth."

Maloney has already sought advice on a return to boxing from American promoter Kathy Duva, one of few women in a management role in the sport. Duva's late husband Dan had been one of Maloney's mentors.

"I've been over to New York, met with Kathy and we've chatted and she's told me to go for it, so I'm really considering it," she said.

Maloney made a first return to a British boxing match on Thursday, accompanied by her daughter, "to see the reaction of the crowd".

She is now planning to "sit down with my lawyer, and my family" to discuss any possible return to the sport "because they are very important to me".

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