Boxing: Kristen Fraser confident ahead of historic Commonwealth title fight

Boxer Kristen Fraser
Fraser will be the first Scottish female to win a Commonwealth boxing belt if she beats Malawian Ellen Simwaka

Kristen Fraser says she is confident she can make boxing history in the "biggest fight" of her career.

The 30-year-old will battle it out with Malawi's Ellen Simwaka for the vacant Commonwealth Bantamweight belt in her home city of Aberdeen on Saturday.

Fraser is unbeaten in the professional ranks in five fights and would be the first Scottish female to win a Commonwealth boxing belt.

"I'm just treating it like any other fight", Fraser said.

"Once I'm in the ring and they start the national anthems I might be a bit like 'this is the biggest fight of my career to date', including in amateur, but it is also a turning point toward going for bigger things - getting a better ranking, getting world title opportunities and really getting my name on the map."

Fraser is aware of Simwaka's experience. The 21-year-old has only lost two of her 13 fights, but her opponent believes she brings her own set of skills to the fight.

"She's had 13 pro fights, so on paper she's probably more accomplished", Fraser admitted.

"But I've got a really strong amateur base - I've boxed for years and done other contact sports.

"If you want to come get me, then crack on."

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