The Hurricane Tapes: Rubin Carter, John Artis and a triple murder

A triple murder. A guilty verdict. Forty hours of tape recordings from Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter tell the real story

Rubin Carter was a middleweight boxer and a convicted triple murderer.

He and John Artis, a teenage track star, spent almost 20 years in prison maintaining they were innocent before they were released.

BBC World Service spent more than a year investigating the case of the Lafayette Bar and Grill murders for their podcast series, The Hurricane Tapes.

Each week, BBC Sport will publish an article to coincide with each episode to tell the story of 'Hurricane' - there are 13 in total.

The tapes had been missing for nearly 10 years since author Ken Klonsky recorded a series of conversations with Carter for his book Eye Of The Hurricane: My Path From Darkness To Freedom. The audio contained in the tapes has not previously been heard by anyone other than Klonsky and Carter.

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