Kash Ali apologises for biting David Price in British heavyweight bout

A bite mark visible on David Price's torso
A bite mark was visible on Price's skin

British heavyweight Kash Ali has apologised for biting rival David Price, saying his behaviour was not a "true reflection of who I am".

Ali has had his boxing licence suspended pending a hearing and his fight purse withdrawn.

"I am hugely embarrassed for my actions and the way the whole fight unfolded," Ali, 27, said.

Price, 35, says Ali chose to bite him because he "wanted to get thrown out" of their bout in Liverpool on Saturday.

Ali was disqualified - extending Price's record to 24 wins and six defeats, while suffering the first loss of his 16-fight career - and left the Liverpool's M&S Bank Arena beneath a barrage of drinks thrown by fans.

In the fifth round, Price landed a stinging shot on undefeated Ali, prompting a grapple. Ali fell on top of the Liverpudlian and appeared to bite Price near his rib cage.

Price claims Ali had bitten him "a couple of times" in earlier rounds - which he says he flagged up to referee Mark Lyson - leaving him with further bite marks on his neck.

Kash Ali and David Price
Price (right) said the incident has given Ali "notoriety"

"The occasion got the better of me and those who know me, including David, can testify that my behaviour on Saturday during the fight was not a true reflection of who I am," Ali said.

"I expressed my regret from the moment it happened and even more so now."

Price used to spar with Ali and said the bite was "out of character" for his Birmingham opponent.

Ali added he could not provide more details about the "reasons which resulted in my behaviour", but said he would have the opportunity to do so at a British Boxing Board of Control hearing later this month.

"I have every intention of curbing my thoughtless actions and will adjust my behaviour accordingly.

"I'm sorry to everyone affected by my actions."

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