Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua - biggest fight in British history - Mike Costello

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder
Tyson Fury floored Deontay Wilder twice in Las Vegas before winning with a stoppage 99 seconds into round seven

What next for Tyson Fury?

After he stunned Deontay Wilder to win the WBC heavyweight world title all eyes are on a unification fight with fellow Briton and IBF, WBA and WBO champion Anthony Joshua.

But with Wilder allowed 30 days to call a rematch, is a trilogy fight more likely?

Mike Costello and Steve Bunce discuss the options in their BBC 5 Live boxing podcast.

Is another Fury-Wilder fight likely?

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder
The first Fury v Wilder fight in Los Angeles in December 2018 was declared a draw

BBC Sport boxing correspondent Mike Costello: The trilogy fight would be a hard sell. I gave Tyson Fury every round. I can't see on the basis of tonight any market for a rematch.

BBC Radio 5 Live analyst Steve Bunce: I can see a market but I am not sure it's the type of market Tyson Fury is talking about, taking it to the new Raiders Stadium here [Las Vegas].

I don't see that. But you can still do something with it. It's because Wilder's showreel is still so brilliant. It's because Wilder is still such a brilliant showman. Could this be it? His last chance?

If Tyson had just bashed up another heavyweight - maybe even an Anthony Joshua, Andy Ruiz, Dillian Whyte - I might not think there would be a third fight.

But let's not forget what Wilder has done so far: 41 of the 42 men he has beaten, he has decimated and dropped them, he has left them cold, shaking and quivering.

The one thing he didn't lose tonight was his punching power. He lost his way, not his punching power. So bizarrely, I still think they could market a third fight.

Costello: That destruction changes everything. This is the one we will remember because of the nature of the ending.

The one semblance of hype you could attach to a fight like that is the highlight reel. Next time Deontay Wilder might actually connect, or those two right hands he landed in the first round he might be able to follow up on. But he was beaten in every department. He was out-hustled, out-thought and out-fought. I don't see any way back and I'm a man who went for Wilder. This might be the worst I've ever assessed a fight!

When can we expect Fury and Joshua to step into the ring together?

Anthony Joshua
Anthony Joshua once again holds the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight belts following his rematch victory over Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia in December

Costello: I am absolutely adamant that this is the single biggest fight in British boxing history - Anthony Joshua against Tyson Fury - and it became bigger tonight. Suddenly you have all four Championship belts at stake.

Bunce: It's such an enormous fight and in theory the amount of money out there should mean it gets made.

Bob Arum obviously wants it here in Las Vegas at the new Raiders Stadium, Frank Warren would be happy to have it in Saudi Arabia, and of course there is always a Wembley situation.

I just don't think it is going to happen this year and I think that is a great shame.

I am still going for that Wilder trilogy, and don't rule out something really weird like Dillian Whyte. You could still sell out the MGM Grand Arena for Dillian Whyte.

Costello: He [Whyte] is the [WBC] mandatory challenger and needs his shot by February 2021.

Bunce: So don't rule out Dillian Whyte and AJ, but it's not going to be the end of this year - it will be AJ in April or May next year.