Glasgow 2014: Your guide to every Commonwealth Games sport

Are you baffled by the full-bore rifle events? Don't know jack about lawn bowls? Here's your essential need-to-know guide to each sport at the Commonwealth Games.

Track and field makes up nearly a fifth of the gold-medal events at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.


Shuttlecocks can travel faster than a Formula 1 car - and they are much more environmentally friendly


The Home Nations will be packing a punch in boxing and there will be 13 gold medals up for grabs in Glasgow

Cycling (all disciplines)

Find out more about the only sport at the 2014 Commonwealth Games where a knight of the realm is competing


The sport is a balletic blur of twists and turns, with divers hitting the water at speeds of up to 35mph

Gymnastics (artistic & rhythmic)

Bars, beams, balls - it's the sport that has it all, with ribbons on


Australia have dominated Commonwealth hockey - and their men and women will be the teams to beat once again in Glasgow


The sport whose name translates as "the gentle way" is back on the Commonwealth Games schedule for the first time since 2002

Lawn bowls

If you think lawn balls is sedate and a little dull, you don't know jack


The world's best netball teams are always at the Commonwealth Games so this is the title they all want to win

Rugby sevens

Rugby sevens was invented less than two hours' drive from Glasgow

Shooting (all disciplines)

Scotland's Jen McIntosh and England's Mick Gault have Commonwealth records in their sights in Carnoustie


There's no hiding place in the glass box where players can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour


Australia won half of the gold medals on offer in Delhi - but the Home Nations are ready to make a golden splash of their own in Glasgow

Table tennis

A sport which is said to have helped bring about the end of the Cold War - now Singapore have got their eyes on Commonwealth domination


Triathlon's popularity is on the rise so no surprise it's back on the schedule after an eight-year gap

Weightlifting & Powerlifting

Lifting two or three times their bodyweight is par for the course for elite weightlifters and powerlifters


A sport of the ancient gods played by some very tough modern athletes