Table tennis: Women's team results

Gold medal match

Singapore3 - 0Malaysia
Singapore 3 - 0 Malaysia
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4
Match 1Mengyu Yu Sin37111111
Ng Sock Khim Mas111599
Match 2Tianwei Feng Sin3111111
Beh Lee Wei Mas0854
Match 3Y. Lin / M.Yu311111111
H. Ying / B. Lee Wei 191395

Bronze medal match

Australia3 - 1India
Australia 3 - 1 India
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Ziyu Zhang Aus31121111
Shamini Kumaresan Ind151169
Match 2Jian Fang Lay Aus151187
Manika Batra Ind31181111
Match 3M. Miao / JF. Lay Aus3191191111
Ms. Patkar / S. KumaresanInd22131147
Match 4Ziyu Zhang Aus311581111
Madhurika Suhas Patkar Ind29111189


Singapore3 - 1India
Malaysia3 - 1 Australia

Classification Final

Northern Ireland3 - 1Scotland

Classification Semi-finals

Scotland 3 - 0Jamaica
Northern Ireland3 - 0Ghana
Jamaica 0 - 3 Scotland
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Yvonne FosterJam0595
Lynda FlawsSco3111111
Match 2Shenique ClareJam21296116
Gillian EdwardsSco3101111911
Match 3D. Lewis/ S. ClareJam0777
C. Whittaker/ L. FlawsSco3111111
Ghana 0 - 3 Northern Ireland
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Cynthia KwabiGha27119118
Amanda MogeyNI31611711
Match 2Celia Baah-DansoGha1111164
Ashley GivanNi38131111
Match 3B. Borquaye/ C. Baah-DansoGha01072
H. Lynch-Dawson/ A. MogeyNI3121111


Singapore 3 - 0 Canada
India 3 - 0 New Zealand
Malaysia3 - 2England
Australia3 - 0 Wales
England 2 - 3 Malaysia
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Joana DrinkhallEng31111511
Beh Lee WeiMas199119
Match 2Kelly SibleyEng07157
Ng Sock KhimMas3111711
Match 3TT. Ho/ K. SibleyEng27115116
H. Ying/ B. Lee WeiMas311611711
Match 4Joanna DrinkhallEng3111111
Ho YingMas0883
Match 5Tin-Tin HoEng21311599
Ng Sock KhimMas3119111111
Australia 3 - 0 Wales
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Jian Fang LayAus3111111
Charlotte CareyWal 0896
Match 2Miao MiaoAus358111112
Naomi OwenWal211118510
Match 3Z. Zhang/ M. MiaoAus3111311
C. Thomas/ C. CareyWal09119

Classification: Quarter-Finals

Jamaica3 - 2Barbados
Scotland3 - 0 Tanzania
Ghana3 - 0Kenya
Northern Ireland3 - 0Mauritius
Scotland 3 - 0 Tanzania
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3
Match 1Lynda FlawsSco3121111
Agnes Wiron NgodokiTan01053
Match 2Gillian EdwardsSco3111111
Neema Dennis MwaisyulaTan0825
Match 3C. Whitaker/ L. FlawsSco3111111
MA. Mohamed/ ND Mwaisyula Tan0773
Mauritius 0 - 3 Northern Ireland
NameCountryScoreGame 1Game 2Game 3Game 4Game 5
Match 1Isabelle ChowreeMri21196146
Amanda MogeyNi3511111211
Match 2Widaad Gukhool Mri0889
Ashley GivanNI3111111
Match 3Wong Yuen Kwon/ W. GukhoolMri21158119
E. Ludlow/ A.GivanNI371111911

Selected results

Group A
Singapore3 - 0Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland1 - 3Sri Lanka
Group C
England3 - 0Ghana
England3 - 0Trinidad & Tobago
England3 - 0Tanzania
Group E
Wales3 -0Mauritius
New Zealand3 - 2Wales
Wales3 - 0Vanuatu

Full results will appear here from the quarter-final stage.

Click here to see results from the earlier rounds on the official Glasgow 2014 website.

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