Commonwealth Games: A tour of the athletes' village

The main dining hall
The main dining hall is where the majority of the meals are served. The kitchens have allowed for 2.5kg of food per athlete per day
Air Hockey
The air hockey puck takes a thrashing from the Saint Helena boys
Weight testing
A moment on the lips, a lifetime of hard work down the drain. Athletes in sports such as boxing or weightlifting can check they are on target to make weight before they chow down
Athletes Village
Welcome to the athletes' village - home away from home for all those competing at Gold Coast 2018. First stop? Let's head for some fuel...
Games Room
After you have filled up, time to chill out. The village's games room is the school common room of your dreams. Three hundred and eighty square metres of pool tables, table tennis, arcade games, photo booths and the rest...
Hyper Olympic arcade machine
Feel the need to put right what happened in the stadium? There are some retro arcade machines to take out your frustrations on
Multi-Faith room
Things are more restful in the multi-faith centre, which meets the spiritual needs of those of any number of faiths
Luke's Gospel leaflet
Some on-theme literature...
TUE box
...and while we are on paperwork, save yourself a whole lot of bother by making sure you have your TUE forms signed off and posted in
Team England headquarters
...on the other, Team England's headquarters is decked out in red and white. One thing is the same wherever you are staying - a giant goldfish bowl of condoms. A total of 100,000 are provided.
BBC Parliament
BBC Parliament stands little chance against the village's other attractions
Beach volleyball room
And how about where the athletes sleep? It's cosy, especially in Chris Gregory and Jake Sheaf's twin room. England's beach volleyball pair, 6ft 10 in and 6ft 4 in respectively, both have specially extended beds.
Australia house
Each team has personalised their accommodation. On one side of the street the Australians have gone for a green and gold theme....