Rain stops ICC European Division One Twenty20 games

Guernsey cricket players and umpires inspecting KGV under rainy conditions
Rain meant only nine overs of cricket was played out of all six games

All of Wednesday's six scheduled ICC European Division One Twenty20 matches were abandoned because of rain.

Only one match started with Croatia putting on 70-0 in nine overs against Group A opponents Norway before the wet weather saw play suspended.

All the fixtures, being played in Jersey and Guernsey, have been re-scheduled for Thusday's rest day.

Currently both of the host islands, Guernsey and Jersey, are leading their groups on net run rate.

Weather-affected Twenty20 games can be reduced to five overs per side.

But Guernsey captain Stuart Le Prevost told BBC Guernsey abandoning the matches was better than the alternative: "No one wants to play a five-over slog so we'll wait."

Guernsey coach Andy Cornford added: "There's a lot at stake in this competition so we want the conditions to be right.

"You don't want to get involved in a lottery and obviously the smaller the game those sorts of things can take place and we want to have as long a duration as we can."

The other teams involved in the tournament are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Israel and Italy.

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