Pakistan v England: Second one-day international as it happened

By Mark Mitchener


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1915: While Aggers and Boycs complete their review of the day, don't forget you'll be able to download it in a little while as the TMS podcast, while you can also take a look at Alastair Cook is man of the match again, by the way.

Thanks for your patience today with the live text while we've had those technical problems - and for all your texts, tweets and emails. We'll be back at the same time on Saturday for the third ODI from Dubai, and I hope you'll join us then. Au revoir.

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "England's 250 was par for the course, I felt they were playing towards that 250 and anything over would be a bonus. Alastair Cook had another splendid innings, he looked in total control and looked unrecognisable from the Test series. He was hitting everything off the middle of the bat, he'll be thinking why he didn't do that when England only needed 140 in the Test here."

From srao222 on Twitter: "Well done England but this still does not replace the humiliation suffered in the Test series."

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "A wonderful game of one-day cricket - it was harder for England in this match, but a win's a win, they've come under pressure and dealt with it well. You want people to raise their game, and that's what they did when it mattered."

Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "England were helped by Pakistan losing those wickets just when they needed them to. A bit of carelessness may have cost Pakistan the game."


49th over - WICKET - Cheema b Finn 1 (Pkn 230 all out)

Aizaz Cheema is the new batsman, Pakistan did everything they could in the Tests to prevent him from facing a ball, he doesn't really bother taking guard (like the old county tail-ender who, when asked if he wanted a guard, reputedly replied "no thanks, I've played here before!"). He's off the mark with a single, Ajmal blasts one into the night sky but it falls safely over mid-on and they run two. With fine leg up, Ajmal steps across and flicks one from outside off stump over short fine leg for four! "Bowl straight," urges Boycs on TMS. Ajmal cracks a single to short extra cover, Cheema is bowled by the last ball and England have won with an over to spare.

48.1 overs - WICKET - Gul lbw b Finn 5 (Pkn 222-9)

That's only reviewed because it was still there... hitting middle and leg, bye bye Gul and bye bye Pakistan I think.


Finn, full and straight, Gul's hit on the pad and he's out lbw but with a review in the bank, he asks for a review...

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "This is one of those situations that I think even my bit of rubbish bowling could do well."

48th over - Pkn 222-8

Saeed Ajmal the new batsman, but Gul's on strike as they crossed on the catch. He swings and misses at a couple, it's death or glory time for Pakistan now. When he finally connects with a big heave, it's a lofted shot which bounces just in front of the mid-wicket rope for four. 30 needed from 14. A slash to third man brings him a single, Ajmal faces for the first time but can't get the last ball away - 29 needed from 12 balls.

47.1 overs - WICKET - Misbah c Kieswetter b Broad 47 (Pkn 217-8)

From England's perspective, it's just as well Rehman wasted 12 balls to score only one run. Umar Gul is the new batsman, he's been a capable hitter in the past and I wonder whether Pakistan will regret not sending him in ahead of Rehman. Misbah's facing the first ball from Broad, he skies it into the air and Kieswetter takes a great diving catch running back after he momentarily misjudged it! Start the car?

47th over - WICKET - Rehman b Finn 1 (Pkn 217-7)

England keep Anderson's final over up their sleeve as Finn returns. Misbah to face, with fine leg up. A single brings Rehman on strike, he's yet to score from his first eight balls but prods his ninth for a single. Misbah slogs a single to mid-wicket, Finn bowls a no-ball to Rehman and that gives him a free hit. Rehman slogs and is "bowled" by the free hit ball, but he could only have been run out from it... Next ball, same results except this time it counts!

46th over - Pkn 213-6

Stuart Broad in for his ninth over, but the first ball is wide of off stump and Misbah helps himself to a well-placed four between point and third man. Cap'n Cook wipes the ball with a towel, there's a bit of dew on it. A single takes him to 45, now can England keep Rehman on strike? The left-hander plays and misses at a couple, though Broad strays with a wide. 38 needed from 24 balls.

45th over - Pkn 207-6

Left-hander Abdur Rehman is the new batsman, England are into Pakistan's four out-and-out bowlers here. A slip in for Rehman, who keeps Anderson out but every dot ball pushes the required run rate up. Anderson completes an outstanding wicket maiden. 44 needed fom 30.

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "Afridi's an entertainer, but while his bowling has got better, his batting has got worse. He has so much power and talent, but if he had any brains he'd concentrate more."

44.2 overs - WICKET - Afridi b Anderson 18 (Pkn 207-6)

Afridi aims a huge slog at Anderson and is comprehensively bowled! Game-changing moment?

44th over - Pkn 207-5

Patel to finish his spell. Single from Misbah, Afridi goes for a heave over long-on, this is six or out and it's six! A loose delivery is blasted through extra cover for four, before a punched single to mid-wicket takes his score to 18. 44 needed from 36.

From Calum Hilton on Twitter: "England are far too experienced to lose this now."

43rd over - Pkn 195-5

James Anderson back on as Cook rotates his bowlers. Afridi dabs a single to third man, Misbah plays and misses before chipping a slower ball to long-on for one. Afridi plays the aforementioned delicate/sherbert dab again, and a Misbah single means it's four off the over - 56 needed from 42.

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "We know the crowd will stay while Boom Boom's in. He clears grounds in Pakistan when he gets out. England have got to keep changing it around and hope the bowlers keep their nerve."

42nd over - DROPPED CATCH - Pkn 191-5

England are going to have to turn to spin at some stage - with Swann and Patel both having two overs left to bowl - and Patel gets the nod, Afridi immediately goes aerial with an inside-out hit to long-off, the tumbling Broad gets both hands to it but can't hold on as he tumbles over. Singles and twos rotate the strike, Afridi goes down the pitch again but can't time it, and instead works a single to deep mid-wicket. Misbah tickles the last ball of his legs, finds the gap without hitting the ball too hard and they come back for the second run. Seven off the over. 60 needed from 48 balls.

41st over - Pkn 184-5

With the fielding restrictions over, Finn begins his eighth over, none of England's bowlers have bowled more than eight. Misbah begins with his customary single, there's a slip in for Afridi but he's off the mark with a single. Misbah steers a two to third man but Finn keeps it tight and Pakistan need 67 from 54 balls. "They need an Afridi charge," notes Ramiz on TMS.

From Matthew John on Twitter: "One more wicket and the match is won I think."

40th over - Pkn 180-5

Broad to bowl the last over of the batting powerplay. Misbah helps the score along with a single, Afridi lets one go by, then playing and missing, but you sense he's just biding his time before having a big heave. Broad tests Afridi with a bouncer, the batsman misses an attempted pull shot, and another slash-and-miss means it's a good over for England, just one run from it. 71 needed from 60 balls.

39th over - Pkn 179-5

Shahid Afridi's entrance into the gladiatorial arena has Pakistan's fans cheering with anticipation - he can't get his first ball away. 72 needed from 66 balls and with Afridi at the crease, it would take a brave man to predict the outcome of this game.

From Multi Fab Metals on Twitter: "Pakistan would benefit from having Boom Boom in sooner rather than later. He is a game changer, let's hope for his early exit."

Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "Samit Patel's not the most athletic of England's fielders, but that's a good catch."

38.5 overs - WICKET - U Akmal c Patel b Finn 21 (Pkn 179-5)

The TV footage is rather inconclusive, but the TMS guys think it's out. And the verdict is... out!


Misbah gets an inside edge but they run a single as the ball trickles out towards where short leg would normally crouch in a Test. Akmal blasts a low full toss through the covers for four, then he smacks the next ball low to cover where the diving Patel claims a low catch... the umpires confer and the third ump's going to have a look!


The ball-tracker suggests it was brushing leg stump, but it's "umpire's call" so Mr Dar's decision stands and England have lost their one and only review.


Finn appeals for lbw against Misbah, the ball disappears for four leg byes but England want a review...

Ramiz Raja on TMS: "Umar Akmal's bat speed is incredible, that's where he gets his timing from."

38th over - Pkn 170-4

Misbah is still happy to play at his own pace, playing proper cricket shots in the manner of someone like, well, Alastair Cook, and rotating the strike to give Akmal the chance to go for the big hits. Which he does, with a lofted drive which doesn't quite go for four but they run two as Anderson scoots round from long-on. Stepping across the stumps, be tries to flick the ball past short fine leg but the burly Samit Patel gets his body behind it to cut off a potential boundary and they run one. Misbah hooks and misses at a bouncer but steers the last ball for one. 81 needed from 72 balls.

From Tim in Kent, via text: "I always picture the King warbling out 'glove me Tendulkar'... one arm already in my coat."

37th over - Pkn 165-4

Simon Hughes is disappointed not to see Swann bowling in the powerplays, given that he's one of the top-ranked bowlers in the world, and it's going to be Finn to take up the attack. "Swann doesn't even volunteer, which I think is disappointing from a senior player in the team," is The Analyst's verdict. Akmal steps across and with fine leg up, has a big heave and helps the ball in that direction for four. Next ball is down the leg side, and is a wide, earning Finn a toothy grin from Akmal. Two more singles, seven from the over, 86 needed from 78 balls.

Simon Hughes on TMS: "To call Umar Akmal a village keeper would be a disservice to village keepers. I know everyone's being rude about the Akmal brothers, but I thought Adnan Akmal kept very well in the Test series, and batted well too."

36th over - Pkn 158-4

Having delayed until the last possible moment, Pakistan have been forced to take the batting powerplay so we'll have a maximum of three men outside the circle for overs 36-40. Stuart Broad is back on after that one-over taster of Bopara, and for the moment the three boundary riders are deep mid-wicket, deep square leg and third man. Akmal steps down the pitch and aims a savage, cross-batted baseball blast which brings him four back past the bowler. A single brings Misbah on strike, the field is shuffled and he pulls a single to deep square leg. A single from Akmal means it's seven from the over, 93 needed from 84.

BBC cricket correspondent Jonathan Agnew on TMS: "It feels like England are likely to win, but don't take my word for it."

35th over - Pkn 151-4

A Misbah single pushes Pakistan to 150, while Akmal is more aggressive, trying to get after Patel but keeps finding fielders until he drills a single to long-on. Just two from the over, Patel has 2-32 from eight overs.

From Andrew Platts on Twitter: "Morgan may not be ticking in the batting department but the amount of runs his fielding has saved is worth a place in the team."

34th over - Pkn 149-4

Interesting bowling change - England decide to hold back Swann's last two overs and turn back to Ravi Bopara's medium pace. Akmal and Misbah help themselves to a few ones and twos, six from the over, and that's not far off the required rate. 102 needed from 96 balls.

From Steve in Kent, via text: "Re: cricket-based Elvis songs, I propose 'Yorkers always on my mind'."

33rd over - Pkn 143-4

Umar Akmal is the new batsman - and arguably the last front-line batsman given the way Shahid Afridi's unpredictable batting has tailed off a bit in the last year or two - although you write "Boom Boom" off at your peril. Akmal's first ball is guided away for a single.

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "You know Pakistan are going to keep going at five or six an over, so you have to keep chipping away with wickets."

32.5 overs - WICKET - Azhar b Patel 31 (Pkn 142-4)

Patel replaces Anderson, Misbah reverse-sweeps a bit more fluently this time and that's four. England shuffle their field to try to cut off that route, and Misbah works a single to leg. Azhar tries another "frying-pan" shot over his left shoulder to bring him two, but then attempts a late cut and is bowled by one which hurries on!

From Michael Johnson on Twitter: "Following the updates from Buenos Aires Airport, it's 27 degrees here, not looking forward to arriving to LHR tomorrow."

32nd over - Pkn 135-3

Swann tosses it up, Misbah clips a single off his legs, and Swann's back bowling over the wicket to Azhar, who sweeps a single to fine leg. Misbah guides one to square leg, Finn's in sharply off the rope to prevent a second run, only three singles from the over and Swann has bowled eight wicketless overs for 33.

From Martin on Twitter: "Loving the Notts impact on England - I remember seeing these three in a West Bridgford bar loving the attention!"

31st over - Pkn 132-3

Anderson sends down a legside wide, Misbah glances a well-run two off his legs. Another two and a single take him to 13 from 20 balls, Azhar has 28 from 44. 119 needed from 114 balls.

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "England just need to keep sneaking a wicket or two. Get them six down, and you'll get the tail in."

30th over - Pkn 126-3

Azhar Ali shows the careful touch he displayed in his marathon innings in the third Test, reverse-sweeping Swann to the unguarded third man boundary for four, before sweeping a single to short fine leg. Swann, who doesn't normally like bowling round the wicket, switches to round the wicket to bring the lbw more into play, but Misbah expertly guides one off his legs. Azhar pokes a single into the covers, then Misbah tries a reverse sweep of his own, but it only brings him one. That leaves Pakistan needing to score 125 from 120 balls.

BBC Radio producer Tim Peach in Abu Dhabi on Twitter:external-link "Only four players have scored three consecutive ODI centuries - Zaheer Abbas, Saeed Anwar, Herschelle Gibbs and AB de Villiers."

29th over - Pkn 118-3

Patel's off, Anderson back on for his third spell. Just two singles from the over as Misbah tries an aggressive pull shot but bottom-edges the ball into his midriff. "A good game of cricket, this," observes Aggers on TMS.

From Charlie Farrant on Twitter: "This is where England need to be patient, build some pressure and these trigger-happy batsmen will get themselves out."

28th over - Pkn 116-3

Misbah goes down on one knee to Swann, who's still appealing for lbw when Kieswetter takes the bails off - Misbah's foot had slid out of the crease, but had slid back in time. A single takes the skipper to four, Azhar taps one to cover, and Misbah nicks the strike. And as Aggers reminds TMS listeners, Misbah has been out lbw on all of his appearances at the crease on this tour, and has called for a review on all of them except the one in the first ODI.

From Alex in Leicester, via text: "By the sounds of the commentary, Broad has returned to his 'enforcer' role with all these bouncers, and [has had] almost as much effect by the sounds of it."

27th over - Pkn 113-3

Azhar paddle-sweeps Patel - almost a Dilscoop, although aimed at fine leg rather than over the keeper's head - for three. Misbah then pushes one just wide of the bowler, and Patel lets the ball through his legs - no doubt one that will be seized on by those who questions Patel's fitness and application, given that his natural talent has never been in question. Bit careless, really, as Misbah trots through for a single which should never have been.

From Setters in Kingston, via text: "My personal favourite cricket-based Elvis songs were 'Legbreak Hotel' closely followed by 'Can't help falling LBW'."

26th over - Pkn 109-3

As Pakistan move into the second half of their innings, Swann's into his fifth over - none of the England bowlers have bowled more than five at this stage, so Cap'n Cook has plenty of options. Swann spins down five dot balls before Azhar taps a single to long-on to spoil a potential maiden over.

From Craig in Carlisle, via text: "Re: Craig in Bradford [19th over]. If austerity was your objective, just putting jam in the sarnie would have been more effective. Putting bread in a sarnie as well as jam is both costly and glutinous."

25th over - Pkn 108-3

Captain Misbah-ul-Haq is the new batsman, he drags his first ball through the covers for a single. Three more singles from the over mean Patel has figures of 1-18 from five overs.

From Rich in Dublin, TMS inbox: "I also played in the Music Legends XI match at the Vegas 73 invitational, like many of the team I was a victim of Tom Jones, but as we know 'it's not unusual'."

24.1 overs - WICKET - Younus lbw b Patel 5 (Pkn 104-3)

Younus tries to work Patel to leg, he's given out lbw, will he go for the DRS? No, he walks off without calling for a review! Patel strikes!

24th over - Pkn 104-2

Graeme Swann replaces Broad in the attack, he's had a relatively quiet tour by his own standards, but how England would welcome a trademark "Swann wicket in first over of spell" at this stage. Three singles from the over.

23rd over - Pkn 101-2

Patel in for his fourth over, Younus adds another single, while Patel dives well to stop a straight drive from Azhar, but looks to have done himself a bit of an injury - he flexes and stretches his right leg a couple of times. But after a moment or two, he's able to resume the over and Azhar crashes a beautifully-timed four through the covers. That's the hundred up for Pakistan, while Stuart Broad leaves the field to be replaced by another sub fielder.

From Zain Talib on Twitter: "Re: Holden_Tight [9th over]: For Pakistan run rate is never a problem, we have so many big hitters, it's about keeping wickets in hand."

22nd over - Pkn 96-2

Younus Khan is the new batsman, he's off the mark with a single off his first ball and Azhar ducks a bouncer which is once again deemed an aerial wide - bit harsh, that one. Azhar rotates the strike with a leg bye, while Younus adds another single. And that Broad run-out looks better and better, the more often I see it. While Ramiz on TMS called it two overs ago, predicting Farhat to throw his wicket away in the 40s!

Ramiz Raja on TMS: "My son is studying at Manchester University and he says he's freezing to death."

Now BBC Sport are "enjoying" the same weather in Salford, Raja junior has our sympathies!

21.2 overs - WICKET - Farhat run out (Broad direct hit) 47 - Pkn 92-2

Farhat comes down the wicket as Broad appeals for lbw, and as Farhat's mind wanders for a minute, Broad follows through and underarms it into the stumps at the striker's end!

From L Story, TMS inbox: "I share a birthday with David Bowie and Elvis. Funnily enough, it was Bowie who caught me at first slip when on 99 off a wicked delivery from Elvis that won the match for Music Legends XI at the Vegas 73 invitational. Elvis was in the running for captain of the inaugural US Test team until his bad health put the whole thing on ice."

My favourite cricketing Elvis song would be the old favourite "Love Me (Percy) Fender"...

21st over - Pkn 91-1

With the powerplay fielding restrictions over, Farhat and Azhar have more gaps to work the singles around, and manage four of them against Patel.

From Andy on Twitter: "Re: 'the cherubic Broad' [15th over] - Every time my better half sees him, she asks if he needs a note from his mum!"

20th over - DROPPED CATCH - Pkn 87-1

Broad replaces Anderson and the first ball of his second spell is a legside wide. Farhat then has to weave away from a bouncer, another short ball hits Farhat on the glove and Kieswetter sticks up a hand but it bounces off his glove and away for four. Broad isn't happy, and is hands-on-hips in "double teapot" mode. "He's doing an Umar Akmal," jokes Ramiz on TMS. Broad pings in another bouncer, which this time is signalled as an aerial wide, and Farhat moves on to 45 with a single as the fielding powerplay concludes.

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja on TMS: "My take on Azhar is that you can make him into a good one-day player and make use of his good form. But Farhat's into the danger zone here, he often seems to get out in the 40s and 50s. England are in need of a couple of wickets as Pakistan like to keep wickets in hand and then chase the target down."

19th over - Pkn 80-1

Azhar prods Patel for a single, Farhat laces a two through the covers, a single takes him to 40 from 62 balls.

From Craig, Bradford, via text: "My cricket bag was stolen on Monday night = jam'n'bread sarnies for tea for the next couple of months whilst I try to replace all my equipment."

18th over - Pkn 76-1

Farhat tries to force Anderson off his legs and they run a leg bye, then a Kieswetter fumble - of the sort that Umar Akmal was roundly castigated for during the England innings - allows Pakistan a bye. Farhat lets fly with a big hit over mid-on for a first-bounce four.

From Harry, via text: "Swann needs to show why he was the best spinner last season."

17th over - Pkn 70-1

A double change in the bowling as left-arm spinner Samit Patel replaces Swann, he doesn't often bowl in powerplays so it'll be interesting to see how he fares. Farhat drills a single down the ground to long-on, Azhar prods to short extra cover where Jonny Bairstow's back on for some more sub-fielding. Tight over from Patel, just that one run from it.

Former Middlesex and Durham seamer Simon Hughes on TMS: "Players learn by the game - this relatively inexperienced Pakistan side has adapted to the conditions here, having been blown away on Monday."

16th over - Pkn 69-1

Azhar Ali is the new batsman, prodding his first ball for a single to third man. Farhat steers a three, then Jimmy strays with his line and Azhar helps it on its way for four to end an eventful over.

From Adam, Watford, via text: "I was bought a smashing new cricket bat on Valentines Day by the girlfriend. I was that happy, I forgot to pop to the local petrol station for her flowers."

15.2 overs - WICKET - Hafeez c Trott b Anderson 26 (Pkn 61-0)

England take the fielding powerplay, and just as they did on Monday, Bopara has come on to bowl the 14th over but is replaced by Anderson for the 16th - and second ball, Hafeez pokes Anderson straight to mid-wicket where he's caught!

15th over - Pkn 61-0

Single from Farhat, then Hafeez sweeps at Swann who appeals for lbw as he's hit on the pad, but they scamper three leg byes as the umpire shakes his head. Farhat and Hafeez keep plugging away with singles, while Simon Hughes and Jonathan Agnew discuss how Kevin Pietersen is giving his first press conference of the tour tomorrow... on behalf of the Delhi Daredevils, his IPL team. Just so we know where your priorities are, KP.

From Emil, via text: "Sometimes when I watch the cherubic Broad charge in, I think he is chasing Lassie in an after-school special. Or maybe Gentle Ben instead!"

14th over - Pkn 55-0

He may not have been on the field at the start of the innings, but Ravi Bopara's into the attack - "a reflection on the pace of the pitch," wonders Aggers, who thinks one of those old NZ medium-slow trundlers like Chris Harris or Gavin Larsen would have been very difficult to get away on this track. Farhat and Hafeez plunder some relatively easy singles, five from the over and Pakistan are just about up with the run rate without getting out of second gear - by comparison, England were 61-0 at this stage.

From Chris Platt on Twitter: "TMS cut out on me just as Sir Geoff started to talk about getting naked before batting. Probably for the best."

13th over - Pkn 50-0

Hafeez steers Swann for a single, Farhat squeezes a four agonisingly wide of Jonathan Trott at short third man, which gets the Pakistan fans on their feet and in good voice. A single to mid-wicket brings up the fifty partnership.

From Ouch Hamstring on Twitter: "As I can't see, can you tell me if Finn still falls over after his delivery these days? I share a birthday with Iqbal and Irfan!"

Haven't seen him fall over for a year or two, but you're right to remember he used to do so all the time when he first broke into the England side.

12th over - Pkn 44-0

Hafeez knocks a single to deep square leg, Cap'n Cook claps his hands in an effort to energise his troops - it's often a good test of a captain to see what they do when things aren't going to plan. Four more singles added, and England need a wicket or they will find the game running away from them.

Geoff Boycott on TMS: "I never play golf for money. It's my recreation."

11th over - Pkn 39-0

Graeme Swann was only the sixth bowler England used on Monday, but he's going to have to do a bit more bowling today, I wouldn't wonder - his first ball is whipped past Farhat, Craig Kieswetter takes the bails off and England appeal for a stumping... third umpire Simon Taufel has a look but Farhat's back foot was grounded. Reprieved, the left-hander pushes a single, while Hafeez does likewise. Farhat hits Swann over the top, he'll get four for that despite KP chasing back from mid-off.

From Fenners, Binfield, via text: "I used to go to several internationals every summer but now only do one or two as it's just too expensive. Mind you, as there are so many matches played now you can, to some extent, pick and choose your matches. We choose Lord's over The Oval as you can bring booze in still!"

10th over - Pkn 33-0

Hafeez whips Broad off his legs for four, while Samit Patel chases it but collides with the boundary, making a big mess of the rope, as he fails to stop the ball in time. Cap'n Cook rotates his field, Hafeez finds the gap with a single to take his score to 18. Farhat rotates the strike, that's it for the first powerplay.

From Stuart in Bath, via text: "Re: Matt Perry [6th over]: I kept Michael Bates out of the Hampshire U10s and U11s side. I now work for an engineering company. The Sliding Doors film comes to mind..."

9th over - Pkn 27-0

So Far(hat), so good for Pakistan's openers... the left-hander sees off six more dot balls from Finn, although a wide is a blemish on his figures.

From Holden_Tight on Twitter: "Pakistan losing this game before their run chase begins. Negativity along with accurate English seam bowling is their downfall."

8th over - Pkn 26-0

Stuart Broad replaces Anderson as England look for a breakthrough - his first ball is a bit of a wide loosener which is an easy offering for Hafeez to crash through the covers for four. Broad taking a while to find his spot, and Hafeez lashes another four through mid-wicket.

From Richard, TMS inbox: "I grew up watching Sir Geoffrey, and love Test cricket. But I've been priced out of going to Lord's or The Oval - it's just too expensive."

7th over - Pkn 18-0

More good line and length by Finn against Hafeez - who's the world's number two-ranked all-rounder (behind Shakib Al Hasan), wouldn't you know. Just a single from the Middlesex man's over, he's only conceded five in his first four overs but by this time on Monday, he'd taken three wickets already.

Former England batsman Geoff Boycott on Test Match Special: "In England, we get seduced by the fact that we get full houses for Test cricket with enormous ticket prices. If that bubble ever bursts, we'll see what's happening in the other countries. They'll get a good idea this winter when we play four Tests in India and we see how many people turn up."

6th over - Pkn 17-0

Farhat pushes Pakistan into double figures by steering Anderson for two off his legs, before a more expansive shot over mid-wicket brings him four. Two more off the last ball, that's a better over for Pakistan.

From Matt Perry, London, via text: "I played cricket as a youth with Michael Bates of Hampshire fame for a small village team called Yateley CC. Is he in the running for the wicketkeeping spot for international one-dayers in the near future? He'll already have experience of Briggs bowling..."

At the risk of "bigging up" Hampshire players even more than Geoffrey does with Yorkshire, I think Bates is an excellent wicketkeeper but as things stand, he may have to improve his batting to get international recognition...

5th over - Pkn 9-0

England keep it tight as Finn sends down a maiden to Hafeez.

From phil_boylan on Twitter: "Ever since your live updates came out, my F5 key has been very lonely. Now I will rekindle the love. Come on England."

4th over - Pkn 9-0

Single from Hafeez, then Kieswetter has to dive well to his right as Anderson sends one down the leg side - as this is limited-overs cricket, that may well have been called wide. But a better over from the "Burnley Express", just that one run from it.

From Joe Fellows, Kent, via text: "If we knock Pakistan out for 100 odd, can we not let them back in for a second time round and 'pretend' they have 20 wickets to play with like we had 250 runs to win against the Lions."

3rd over - Pkn 8-0

Hafeez pushes a two through the covers before dabbing a single to third man. Farhat plays and misses at Finn, who completes a tidy over.

2nd over - Pkn 5-0

James Anderson takes the second over, but his first ball is a wide. The left-handed Farhat is cautious at first but then pushes a two off his legs.

1st over - Pkn 2-0

Hafeez gets Pakistan under way with a leg bye, then 12th man Jonny Bairstow makes a good stop in the field, he's on for Ravi Bopara who's off with an unspecified ailment. Farhat is off the mark with a single off the last delivery.

1509: Steven Finn taking the new ball for England again - does he have another destructive burst in him as he did on Monday? Mohammad Hafeez and Imran Farhat opening up for Pakistan.

From Andy Read, via text: "I also share Jonathan Agnew and Steve Finn's birthday. Along with David Blaine and Graham Norton who I don't think have played first class cricket."

1505: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid that not only has the "new" live text commentary system stopped working, the "retro" system we used in the first ODI on Monday and in the first innings of this game has also ground to a halt, so we've had to go back to asking you to manually refresh the page. Sharpen those fingers, and make sure your F5 key is working - I can only apologise.

Website users can read all about England's innings by following this link, although the system started to go haywire in the last few overs so it may look a bit out of sequence.