England v West Indies, first Test, day five, Lord's - as it happened

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Alastair Cook

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1500: We'll leave the last word to the man whose name now resides on all three honours boards, shall we? The next match is at his home ground on Friday and we'll be all over it here at BBC Sport. Thanks for bearing with us through the major technical problems, we will do our very best to iron them out and bring you a silky smooth service at Trent Bridge. Enjoy your week.

Stuart Broad: "Winning the toss and bowling is a bit of pressure on the bowling group, but we managed to take nine wickets on the first day which set the game up nicely. We had to work very hard for this victory, so it feels very sweet right now."

Stuart Broad named man of the match

England captain Andrew Strauss: "We felt the wicket was pretty slow and flat. It looked a bit dicey at 40 odd for four but Alastair Cook and Ian Bell set about it in a very civilised manner and saw us home. It's been a tough Test match. We had to dig deep but when you have to dig deep it makes it even more satisfying when you get over the line. It was lovely to score that hundred and when you do that in a winning cause it makes it all the more special."

West Indies captain Darren Sammy: "We did a lot of good things and we need to look at them and repeat them more consistenly. We fancied our chances this mornign but once the hardness of the ball went away, it became much easier to bat. An experienced batting line-up like England's showed their class and saw them home."

1450: So those are the views from the pundits. Now for the captains...

Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special: "A good game all round. I think both teams can take credit. England will improve - I think we will see more pace and bounce at Trent Bridge. It's quite good they've been put under pressure here. No one gave them a chance of being here on day five. West Indies need a bit of backup with the bat, they need someone to give Chanderpaul some support. It was a good Test match and a good start to the summer. I expect both sides to improve and we look forward to Nottingham."

Sir Viv Richards, BBC Test Match Special: "When you look at the margin of victory, anyone who has not watched this match would think it was comfortable for England. West Indies fought all the way in this match and, even though they finished on the losing side, there were positive signs and hopefully you will see them continue this trend at Trent Bridge."

Alec Stewart on Twitter:external-link"Well played England on a very convincing 5-wicket win. Strauss and Broad outstanding backed up well by their team mates."

1440: Bell finishes 63 not out and punches the air after a typically classy knock. Cook looked furious with himself when he left the field, but he should be proud of his efforts, keeping his head throughout the drama last night and this morning.

1436 - Eng 193-5: Bell clips one off his legs through midwicket for four, and that's it. England have won by five wickets.

NOT OUT: Big inside edge and too high, but apart from that...


Now then, Sammy raps Bairstow on the pads. And with a big smile on his face, Sammy is sending this upstairs.

WICKET Cook c Edwards b Sammy 79 (Eng 189-5)

Cook tries to chop the winning runs, and it caught by Edwards in the gully!

1430 - Eng 188-4: And another profitable Samuels over leaves England just needing three to win.

1427 - Eng 181-4: Two more singles. We're almost there.

Phil, TMS inbox: "One feature of England's bowling performance in the WI second innings: eight extras, seven of which were leg byes.. which, let's face it can happen to the best. One no-ball in 130 overs, that's very tight bowling."

1424 - Eng 179-4: Cook cuts late and it's four more to the total. Then he strikes one squarer on the off side for four more. Thoughts turning to Trent Bridge now as Viv recalls a double-ton on his first appearance there.

1420 - Eng 172-4: Bell gloves Roach round the corner and it runs away for four, then the bowler rather blots his copybook with two successive no-balls.

Tim on text: "Bell and Cook at the crease, few teams could ask for more. See it home boys!"

1414 - Eng 166-4 (BELL FIFTY): Bell has had enough of this tame twirl from Samuels and he smashes him over the top for four, then cuts for three to reach fifty off 84 balls.

1410 - Eng 159-4: Roach continues to steam in, but you sense he knows this is a losing cause now, with England playing risk-free cricket, and content to reach their target in singles.

1407 - Eng 157-4: Another over from Samuels and another very profitable one for England, with five runs off the bat and three leg byes. Just 33 more needed now.

1404 - Eng 149-4: Steady stuff but there's not a lot of energy in the Windies' body language at the moment. "As easy as shelling peas," says Blowers.

Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport's chief sports writer: "An all-pervading sense of inevitability about the England win now. Some consternation as to why the Windies opted to open out with the gentle spin on Samuels from the Nursery End rather than a blast of pace, but it may only have delayed the same result anyway."

1358 - Eng 145-4: Bell executes a perfect square cut and they run hard to collect two runs. Then a single into the deep. England are strolling towards this total at the moment.

David, Spain, via email: "Blimey! To those of us who remember the jubilation of "Cricket, lovely cricket" that was a sad and depressing interview with Ramnaresh Sarwan. Still, if he passes on his expertise to young Josh Cobb at Leicester, as he seems to be doing, it's England that will benefit."

1355 - Eng 142-4: England have slowed to a gentle trot after their pre-lunch canter. Ooh, and this doesn't look good for Roach who seems to have turned his ankle in the footholes. Actually, a bit premature, I think he's ok.

1351 - Eng 138-4: Samuels is a strange choice with the Windies desperate for wickets, but then again there he goes beating Bell's edge as he is a bit late on a cut shot.

1350 - Eng 136-4: Not a whole lot happening for three-wicket hero Roach in this over, just a single apiece for Bell and Cook.

Seb, Durham, via text: "Re: Josh Wilkes (1250) - I believe I'm invigilating said exam. Fortunately, I'm allowed to keep my phone on me!"

1344 - Eng 134-4: Runs, immediately, as Bell clips Samuels through midwicket for a single. Then Cook picks up two from the last ball of the over. It will be Roach from the Pavilion End, and Tuffers is calling this the last throw of the dice.

1341: Sarnie consumed, coffee on desk, players coming out. England need sixty to win. Is there another twist in this tale?


1310: Sarnie time here, Sarwan time for you. That's Ramnaresh, whose emotional interview is playing out now on TMS.

Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special: "They had a sniff but these two have closed the gate. Very good batting - these two have controlled the game. They are in and the lower order can play a bit. England only need 60 runs - they've got into a position where they can't lose now. You just don't see it."

Shaun from Stone, Staffordshire, TMS inbox: "More on the subject of scotch eggs: Sitting next to a mate at school in Shrewsbury during a second year cookery lesson I noticed him tapping his freshly made and perfectly shaped scotch eggs with a knife. Turned out he had forgotten to remove the shells from the eggs before adding the sausagemeat...!"

Fancy some cricket chat tonight? You're in luck because we have the Tuffers and Vaughan Cricket Show on BBC Radio 5 live at 21:00 BST. There will be plenty of discussion on events at Lord's today - whichever way it goes - plus lots more.

1303 - Eng 131-4: A glimmer of hope for the Windies as Sammy beats Cook from the penultimate ball before lunch but Skipper Strauss is smiling, and with good reason - England have scored 121 runs for the loss of two wickets this morning and are now just 60 away from la victoire.

Liam, Sheffield, via email: "I know this is late, but one last newspaper headline...'Saved by the Bell?'"

1259 - Eng 131-4 (COOK FIFTY): Cook waits for a Samuels ball to reach his bat and biffs it behind square for four to complete his 29th Test fifty off 78 balls.

Steve, Edinburgh, via email: "On the subject of scotch eggs, I once left an opened packet of six scotch eggs in a colleague's office drawers over the festive period. On our return two weeks later, the stench was unbearable, it took over a month for the smell to disappear. And I even managed to blame it on someone else who is still vilified to this day. Aaah, the classic office prank..."

1256 - Eng 125-4: Much too short from Sammy and Cook helps himself to four more to move within three of his fifty. Three singles in there too and, to keep up the culinary theme, England are gobbling up this target.

Ramnaresh Sarwan, who is not playing in this game because of a dispute with the West Indies Cricket Board, has spoken exclusively to the BBC about his exile - and he has some fairly strong things to say. Here's a taster: "The coach said some negative stuff that hurt me mentally and emotionally. Mentally I was broken down." Listen to the full interview on TMS during the lunch interval.

Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special: "It's buffet-bowling from West Indies. Samuels is bowling them in, not out."

1252 - Eng 118-4: I could watch Bell play the late cut until the cows come home. This time the fielder gets there but not before they complete three runs.

1250 - Eng 115-4: Bell gets luck as an inside edge flies past his stumps and down to fine leg. Scratchy, but it's three more runs.

Josh Wilkes, Durham, via text: "I have a Maths exam at 2.30, so I could do with England keeping up the pace. My concentration will not be helped if I'm worrying about run rates instead of vectors!"

1246 - Eng 109-4: Time for some tweak in the form of occasional twirler Samuels and it has an instant effect as Bell is beaten playing for nonexistant spin. Bell then leathers one but misses out and the ball thuds straight into the stumps at the non-striker's end. A late cut for four brings up the fifty partnership of a hasty 74 balls.

Dave, Preston, via text: "The runs are going to be needed from the tail end to win this game. 'Swann in a million' will be the headline."

Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport's chief sports writer: "Relieved cheers from the smattering of punters as England go past 100. Runs coming so rapidly that the early pressure is leaching away. When KP went it was probably 60-40 in favour of England. Now much more like 80-20. Take that, mockers."

1242 - Eng 105-4: It's going England's way at the moment, but a quick bang-bang either side of lunch and the Windies are back in this. Just a single of the Sammy over.

Gavin, Leigh-on-Sea, TMS inbox: "I'm wondering what the health implications of being an English cricket fan are? What is the cost in terms of days, weeks, months or years on life expectancy? I'm guessing substantial!"

Geoffrey Boycott, BBC Test Match Special: "Runs are coming to easily; West Indies are not able to dry the runs up. It's rocketing along - you can't afford that with low totals."

1239 - Eng 104-4: But still the runs flow. Cook clips a full ball through midwicket for three before Bell nudges a single to bring up the England ton. Then a cover drive from the Cooker for his sixth four. This partnership is getting handier and handier for England.

1236 - Eng 96-4: A single apiece takes England to 96, pasing the halfway mark in their pursuit of 191. The Windies will be desperate to take another scalp before lunch and Sammy is bringing back Edwards for a burst with exactly that in mind.

Sam Keir, London, via email: "On the topic of homemade scotch eggs, my good friend and former boss Richard Royds would bring each of us one of his wife's otherworldly homemade scotch eggs for our annual day at the Oval Test. He can't make it this year due to a family holiday, much to the dismay of the rest of the party. Any offers of replacement orbs from the array of talented cooks writing in today would be much appreciated."

1231 - Eng 94-4: Gotta love a tabloid headline, but you're a bit early aren't you David.? Mind you, you've got me thinking. Bell of the Ball? Cookie Crumbles? Encouragement for the Windies as Gabriel pitches it up and slides one past Cook's blade. The next ball is too full and Cook strokes it down the ground for four.

David Morton, Belfast, via email: Potential newspaper headlines - Pressure Cook-er, Un'bell' ievable, Golden B-roach!"

1226 - Eng 86-4: An ugly mid-pitch collision between Sammy and Cook inadvertantly saves a second run. All smiles afterwards, but what if that run proves crucial later? You won't be smiling then, will you Cookie? Will you, eh?

1222 - Eng 83-4: A maiden over from Gabriel to check England's momentum.

Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special: "West Indies don't win many games. They're inexperienced; they'll feel the pressure. They need some magic from the captain and hope that when Roach comes back on he produces an unbelievable spell."

1217 - Eng 83-4: Sammy is little more than a medium-pacer, but his height does help him get some extra bouce and he surprises Cook with one that lifts off a length. The ball drops short of gully and they take another single.

Joe, Cambridge, via text: "Fitting that today's topic is cuisine - the Cook needs to bat through for England to win."

1214 - Eng 81-4: What do you mean "only reading the live text", Will? This is the future, minus the manual refresh lark of course! Bell gets two down the ground from little more than a gentle lean. Then he sends a full toss straight back past the bowler for four. England have lost two wickets today, but the runs are flowing at a very good rate.

Will Cooper ‏on Twitter:external-link "Love Test cricket like this, what other sport can you get this drama over 5 days? I'm only reading the live text and I'm tense!"

1209 - Eng 72-4: Skipper Sammy's first over yields two runs, tucked through midwicket by Bell. The thing that worries me about England's remaining batsmen is that they are all shot-makers. Do any of them have what it takes to hang around and help Cookie or Bell complete the job? Debutant Jonny B in next remember. No pressure John.

Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special: "A fascinating first hour. England have scored quickly so West Indies have to keep taking wickets. This could be the key part - captain Darren Sammy bringing himself on."

Ross McDonald on Twitter:external-link "KP coming undone by showing a serious lack of respect to the WI debutant. Totally inevitable."


1202 - Eng 70-4: Ooh, ammunition for the anti-KP brigade as he's caught on camera laughing and joking while rehearsing the shot that brought about his demise. Hang on, Trotty's doing the same. Funny, is it fellas? Cook is really finding his range now as he dispatches a short ball from Gabriel with disdain.

Rob, via text: Re scotch egg recipes. "I always use a mix of hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds and pumpkin seeds crushed up. Adds a great texture to the outside of the egg."

1158 - Eng 65-4: All eyes on Cook now. Can he keep a cool head to see England home? A single takes him to 14 off 42, then Bell gets off the mark with a meaty push for three. Cook cuts the last ball of the over for four to ease a little of the pressure on England.

Sir Viv Richards, BBC Test Match Special: "The match is very much in the balance. I don't think any side have the advantage at this stage. I believe that Bell's the complete player - and England need some complete players if they are to get across the line."

1153 - Eng 57-4: The Windies gave KP a royal send off there. They are absolutely cock-a-hoop and this match is on knife edge. Enter Belly Savelas.

Steve Bone, Sussex, via TMS inbox: "My F5 button is broken. Are W Indies all out in their first innings yet?"

Sir Viv Richards, BBC Test Match Special: "A pretty loose shot. He got a little bit carried away with the previous delivery. Well bowled by the archangel. The wicket of Kevin Pietersen, it sends that sort of excitement. Maybe that's why you saw such jubilation from West Indies."

WICKET Pietersen c Ramdin b Gabriel 13 (Eng 57-4)

Pietersen finds the boundary with a pull shot, then tries to repeat the shot to a much quicker, straighter ball and nicks it behind. Game on.

Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special: "It was Matthew Hoggard's debut and he was last man in. I can remember him standing in the doorway of the England dressing-room, eating his way through his batting gloves and helmet in nervous terror."

1146 - Eng 53-3: The Windies can ill-afford misfields and Kirk Edwards is hanging his head after giving away a single at gully, one of three runs off the over from Roach. Incidentally, guess who else played in that tense Lord's run chase in 2000? Our very own Alec Stewart...

Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport's chief sports writer: "Genuine excitement in the air at HQ. Most pundits here thought England would be home and hosed by lunchtime on Sunday. Bags were packed, hotels checked out of. The unheralded West Indies line-up is instead ripping up both plans and the England top order. The match is alive."

AG Welch on Twitter:external-link "Love Sammy's celebration. Not great for England, but how wonderful to see pride, passion and fire back in the West Indies' game."

1142 - Eng 50-3: The sparse crowd are cheering every run and there's an extra loud one for a single from Pietersen that takes the score to 50.

1138 - Eng 49-3: Good over for England, with 13 runs coming from it. A boundary via a thick edge from Cook past the slips, three singles and a two before Cook cracks a Roach half-volley down the ground. Confirmation that it clearly isn't 21C at Lord's comes with a shot of the England players on the balcony, who appear to be dressed for an Arctic expedition.

Paul, London, via TMS inbox: "Was thinking of popping down the sports bar for a spot of 'off site' lunch...at this rate will have to make it a late breakfast or will miss all the fun!"

Justin Goulding, BBC Sport: "Nervous yet? This probably won't help - a look back at the Lord's Test against West Indies in 2000.external-link Set 'just' 188 to win after bowling West Indies out for 54, England scraped him by two wickets thanks to Dominic Cork's unbeaten 33 from number eight. (Remember the fist pump?) If it gets to that stage today, there may be a shortage of fingernails at Lord's. Incidentally, a certain Mr Chanderpaul played in that game."

1132 - Eng 35-3: Some late swing and sharp seam movement from Edwards and KP is beaten once again. Then a very sharp return from Kemar Roach in the deep has Pietersen putting on the after-burners to complete a second run. Another horror-grope at the last ball of the over. This Is Tense.

Aidan Berry, in Newcastle, on Twitter:external-link "Is this the cricket equivalent of squeaky bum time?"

Alec Stewart, BBC Test Match Special: "There's a bit of a wobble on. We said the first hour would be key and the Windes have come out and been impressive. They've won the first battle in dismissing Trott and, with Kevin Pietersen coming out, this is now a key partnership."

1127 - Eng 33-3: Pietersen gets off to a nervy start as he dangles the bat at his first ball, but he soon gets his score moving with two down the ground and a single to midwicket.

Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special: "It was an absolute replay of the ball before. Sammy went to his left at second slip - he's got big hands and the ball disappeared into them."

WICKET Trott c Sammy b Roach 13 (Eng 29-3)

Big wicket for the Windies. Trott's first edge squirms through the slips for four, but his next one is superbly snaffled by Sammy reaching to his left from second slip.

Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport's chief sports writer, on Twitter:external-link "Judging from mere smattering of spectators at Lord's, you can obviously get quite a lot of elsewhere entertainment for a tenner in London."

1120 - Eng 24-2: Alarm bells ringing as Trott plays around one from Edwards. There's another lbw appeal, but it looks leg side to me and, more importantly, to umpire Erasmus. Similar line, but a bit shorter from Edwards, and Trott flicks it square for four.

Matt, Dorset, via text: "I was thinking of a cricket themed dinner: Sausages for stumps, different coloured mash for the pitch and gravy for the wet outfield after some rain."

1116 - Eng 20-2: TV are showing so many replays of the two wickets that fell last night, it's giving me palpitations. But there's little drama in Roach's latest over, plenty of questions but Cook has all the answers.

Nigel Boothman, via TMS inbox: "Make sure you use some rusk or breadcrumbs to lighten the pork mince or the finished egg will be pretty hard work to eat. I forgot when I made seven of them last week...good flavour, but like chomping cricket balls."

1112 - Eng 19-2: A big cheer, and it's four runs for Jonathan Trott as he absolutely middles a square cut. Edwards responds with a fast straight one which strikes Trott on the pad. There's a stifled appeal but it's much too high.

1109 - Eng 15-2: Roach angles one across Cook, who thinks about playing, but withdraws the blade late in the day. Then a genuine prod and a miss to give the Windies plenty of encouragement.

Alistair Watson, via TMS inbox: "Panama hats and pressed shorts? I'm sat in the grandstand in a jumper, coat and scarf! It's not 20 degrees down here. Come on England."

1105 - Eng 15-2: Terrible start from Edwards as he drags one miles down the leg side, giving stumper Ramdin no chance of preventing four byes. Cook then gets the first runs off the bat with a push into the off side. Homemade scotch eggs Frankie, that sounds like hard work. Anyone else getting culinary with their cricket?

1100: Strap in, Fidel Edwards has ball in palm, Cookie has taken guard, here we go...

Frankie Hine-Hughes ‏on Twitterexternal-link: "On my day-off I will mostly be watching the cricket and making homemade scotch eggs."

Tom Todd ‏on Twitter:external-link "Never underestimate the chance of a Great British batting collapse!"

1058: As you will have noticed, the gremlins are still messing about with our systems, so it's an F5 manual refresh-fest I'm afraid. Just remember a firm press for a four, a quick double press for six, but don't go getting timid or it might just prompt a wicket.

Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special: "181 is not a huge amount of runs. But a new ball in the hands of Roach and Edwards... I just watched them in the nets and they have got some serious gas behind them. They'll have to bowl very well and England will have to make a few mistakes. But you just never know."

Seb, via text: "Very rarely in Test cricket do wickets, runs AND time become a factor all on the last day. Looking forward to a cracking day's play at the home of cricket."

Jonathan, TMS inbox: "I can't help but feel like this is a massive day for England. Not only in terms of this Test match, or the series, but for the whole summer. Win here and the confidence grows. Lose, however, and the memories of the winter will start to re-surface."

From Mike, on the Wirral, TMS inbox: "Little bit nervous in the office this morning. Plenty of fraught discussions about the possibility of losing two more quickly this morning, leaving us 75-4 at lunch, with an afternoon of squeaky-bum-time to come. Still trying to persuade the boss to let us have TMS on the radio, to no avail. Will keep trying though…"

1050: Shows what I know about the weather. Only 12C at the moment? Maybe not quite time to dispense with the long-johns yet.

Sir Viv Richards, BBC Test Match Special: "Lots of people were writing this game off and it's a huge surprise that we are here. Maybe it's a surprise to the England team as well, maybe they got a bit ahead of themselves. It will be important for the Windies to restrict the run scoring early on, and also take some wickets."

BBC Weatherman Darren Bett: "I think we've saved the best until last and we are going to have a fifth day of dry weather. At the moment the temperature is 12C but the cloud should thin and break and there should be some sunshine, with temperatures rising to 17C or 18C."

1045: Anyone expecting an England cakewalk today, listen up. Only three times have a side made more than 191 runs in the fourth innings to win a Test match at Lord's. The fourth best effort was recorded by England against the Windies in 2000, when they they scraped a two-wicket win by chasing down exactly 191-8 to win the match.

Tom Fordyce, BBC Sport's chief sports writer, on Twitter:external-link "Intriguing morning in prospect at Lord's. Tell me where else in London you can get such entertainment for a tenner. Legal entertainment."

1037: There should be a good crowd in at Lord's today with tickets on sale for £10 and under-16s getting in for free. The blankets and ear-muffs that were de rigueur over a frosty weekend have given way to panama hats and pressed shorts with temperatures set to rise to a positively balmy 21C.

Michael Vaughan, BBC Test Match Special: "It will be a tough first hour. In my opinion, they have got their best two players at the crease in Trott and Cook. If Kemar Roach can get it right this morning it could get interesting. But I expect England to win by a comfortable margin."

1033: A reminder of where we stand. England, chasing 191 for victory, have stumbled to 10-2 after losing skipper Andrew Strauss and Jimmy Anderwatchman in a spicy last half hour. The usually dependable duo of Alastair Cook and Jonathan Trott are at the crease and there's plenty of batting to come, with Graeme Swann propping up a very handy looking tail.

1030: Ladies and gentlemen, who would have thunk it? We have a game on our hands. After three days of predictable England dominance at Lord's, it seemed only a matter of when, and not if, the home side would wrap up a win. But a stirring fightback by the West Indies on Sunday has given them an outside chance of an incredible victory. If the tourists can nip a couple of early wickets out this morning, we could be in for a very manic Monday.

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