Jersey look to end losing streak against Guernsey

Craig Hogan

Jersey are hoping to end their losing streak against Guernsey in the inter-insular at Grainville on Saturday.

In last year's fixture they were thrashed by their neighbours by 147 runs and Jersey coach Craig Hogan is keen to avoid four defeats in a row.

"The two teams get on really well but that rivalry is there and we certainly want to win," he told BBC Jersey.

"We're looking to develop players and this game will give us an opportunity to see where the program's sitting."

Jersey also compete in the ICC World Cricket League Six and Hogan has got one eye on next year's competition which has taken on extra importance.

"At the moment there's a very strong push that World League Seven & Eight will be abandoned," he added. "If we happen to do poorly in that tournament then we drop back into the ICC abyss.

"Your funding for coaching would go and your development plans would go. Your club cricket would suffer, the whole cricket on the island would suffer.

"If we can get back to World League Four or Five, where we think we can play, then the future of cricket on the island is secure for the foreseeable future."

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