ICC World Twenty20 2012 - warm-up matches

ICC World Twenty20 2012

Details of warm-up matches for the men's and women's World Twenty20 tournaments in Sri Lanka:

Men's warm-up matches


10 Ireland beat Sri Lanka A by seven wickets, Colombo

13 Ireland beat Zimbabwe by 54 runs, Colombo (Moors)

13 Sri Lanka beat West Indies by nine wickets, Colombo (NCC) - scorecard (external)

15 Afghanistan beat Sri Lanka A by 51 runs, Colombo (Moors)

15 Australia beat New Zealand by 56 runs, Colombo (NCC)

15 Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe by five wickets, Colombo (Colts)

15 India beat Sri Lanka by 26 runs, Colombo (P Sara Oval)

17 Pakistan beat India by five wickets, Colombo (RPS) - scorecard (external)

17 Ireland beat Bangladesh by five runs, Colombo (Moors)

17 England beat Australia by nine runs, Colombo (NCC)

17 South Africa beat New Zealand by nine runs, Colombo (Colts) - scorecard (external)

17 West Indies beat Afghanistan by eight wickets, Colombo (P Sara Oval) - scorecard (external)

19 England beat Pakistan by 15 runs, Colombo (P Sara Oval)

Women's warm-up matches


22 Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by four wickets, Colombo (NCC) - scorecard (external)

22 England beat South Africa by 121 runs, Colombo (NCC)

23 Australia beat West Indies by 19 runs, Colombo (Moors) - scorecard (external)

23 New Zealand beat India by four wickets, Colombo (Moors) - scorecard (external)

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