Channel Islands Cricket League is scrapped over travel costs

Argyll Investment celebrate winning the title

The Channel Islands Cricket League has been scrapped after nine seasons following concerns about travel costs and mismatches between some teams.

It means there will be fewer games between Jersey and Guernsey's leading clubs next year.

The CI League had seen the five top sides from each island split into groups before a semi-final and final.

"It's a positive move for Jersey cricket," said Chris Minty, chief executive of the island's board.

"We're looking at how our league can be revamped and reorganised to make sure we play 50-over and 20-over cricket," he told BBC Jersey.

"For two or three years concern has been raised about the cost of some cricket."

Both islands run their own competitions but the Channel Islands League was started in 2004 for the top four sides in each island and extended to all top-flight clubs in Jersey and Guernsey in 2009.

However, in June, the new Jersey Cricket Board chairman, Ward Jenner,

The Guernsey authorities responded by saying "something different" was likely for 2013.

"It had its purpose initially in providing both Jersey and Guernsey with better cricket," said Mark Latter, head of Guernsey's board.

"We'll still look to have an annual game between the domestic champions, effectively a cricket Upton match."