Kent announce pre-tax profit of £156,000 in 2012-13 accounts

St Lawrence Ground

Kent have announced a pre-interest and pre-tax profit of £156,778 for the financial year to November 2013.

After interest, depreciation and tax, the Canterbury club's deficit for the 12-month period was £98,576.

However, the latter figure was a major improvement on the previous year, when a loss of over £620,000 was recorded.

"We are all very encouraged that the club can present a much improved financial picture," chief executive Jamie Clifford told the club website.external-link

"This turnaround is a result of a comprehensive and clear plan, put in place in late 2009.

"All at the club have worked hard to ensure the delivery of that plan in an effort to secure long-term sustainable profitability and financial stability."

The club also reported an improved position on their balance sheet, with tangible fixed assets increasing by half a million pounds to £12.9m.