Phillip Hughes: Lancashire order new helmets for batsmen

Phillip Hughes: BBC Sport looks back at Australia batsman's career

Lancashire cricket director and head coach Ashley Giles has ordered new helmets for his team after the death of Phillip Hughes.

The Australia Test batsman, 25, suffered a fatal blow to the neck during a domestic match in Sydney.

Giles said he wanted the squad to be as well protected as possible.

"They've all got helmets but have they got the up-to-date, the best, which could make the difference? We put in an order," Giles told BBC Radio 5 live.

Cricket Australia said they would conduct their own investigation into player safety after Hughes' death on Thursday.

But England captain Alistair Cook said he believed the sport had "never been safer" and added that bouncers could not be outlawed from the game.

helmets through the years
Cricket helmets have evolved since former England captain Mike Brearley's model from the late 1970s

Former England spin bowler and limited overs head coach Giles, who moved to Old Trafford in October after the Red Rose county were relegated to Division Two, said the club had received a wake-up call.

"Regularly, the helmet manufacturers are checking they've got the best technology, it's up to date," he added.

"Masuri completely redesigned their number one helmet in the last 12 to 18 months, which is now the Formula 1 of cricket helmets.

"It gives you a wake-up call, in your own side. Where are we with helmets?

"Some of these things are just a freak. You can't protect against every single thing."