England and Wales Cricket 'concern' over domain names

Lord's cricket ground
England play at Lord's in London several times a season

Cricket bosses are "concerned" by the registering of companies and websites with similar names to their own.

The "Cricket Association of England" and "Cricket Control Scotland Limited" are among those registered.

"In the absence of any proper explanation, there is clearly a concern for cricket," an England and Wales Cricket Board spokesperson said.

The Guardian says the website addresses are owned by organisers of the now-defunct Indian Cricket League.external-link

"Australia Cricket Control Limited" and "New Zealand Cricket Limited" are other names registered, according to the newspaper.external-link

The domain address for the "Cricket Association of England" ends in ".co.in" suggesting it has been registered in India.

Chairman Giles Clarke raised the issue at a meeting of the International Cricket Council, but the ECB says that other members are better-placed to find out the motives of the Essel Group that owns Asian sports broadcaster Ten Sports and ran the Indian Cricket League - a short-lived rival to the Indian Premier League - between 2007 and 2009.

"We've asked our colleagues at Boards with whom there's a direct relationship to help in clarifying this situation with their broadcast partner," the ECB added.

"At this stage, until we know more, there's nothing more we can add."

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