Chris Adams changes his mind over Ireland academy role

Chris Adams
Chris Adams played five Tests for England in 1999 and 2000

Former England Test batsman Chris Adams has reversed his decision to become Ireland's national academy manager.

Adams, 46, whose appointment to the post was announced by Cricket Ireland on Wednesday, cited "family reasons" for his change of heart.

"I have children who are at important stages of their life and education and I realised that a move would cause major disruption," he added.

"I am very sorry to Cricket Ireland for the inconvenience."

The former Sussex and Derbyshire player, who has coached Sussex and Surrey and worked with Sri Lanka and the Netherlands, added: "I'd like to thank them for their complete understanding , sympathetic approach and wish them a very successful future."

In 2006, then Sussex skipper Adams agreed to join Yorkshire as captain on a four-year contract - then changed his mind two weeks later.

"Naturally we are disappointed with Chris' decision but understand his concern," said Richard Holdsworth, Cricket Ireland performance director.

"Moving a family to a new city and country is never an easy matter and he's obviously done some soul searching before making a difficult decision."