Josh Bess: Former Devon captain's return is hailed by director of cricket

Josh Bess
Josh Bess took two wickets and scored 19 runs on his return to the Devon side

Devon director of cricket Keith Donohue says the return of former captain Josh Bess will benefit the team.

The all-rounder made his comeback in this week's Minor Counties Championship loss to Wales, having not played for 20 months after moving to Australia.

"He is a big player," Donohue told BBC Sport

"In all teams you need one or two of those senior figures that are proven at that level and bring a certain amount of presence on the field."

Bess is expected to be available for much of the remainder of the season, as Devon try to win their first three-day Minor Counties Championship match since August 2014.

They are also through to the quarter-finals of the limited-overs Minor Counties Trophy and travel to face Cumberland on Sunday.

"The competition itself is really tough to qualify from in the initial stages, because the qualifying league is very early in the season and people haven't got a lot of cricket under under their belts," said Donohue.

"You're playing against a lot of good teams that tend to be at their strongest in this competition, and to build up a bit of momentum, good fortune and play some good cricket backing it up very quickly over a number of weekends, I think that is the real plus for us.

"But it becomes a slightly different competition now, all the sides are going to be pretty good at this stage, so it becomes a bit more about bottle and will to get over that line."