Bat sizes should be reduced by 20mm - MCC world cricket committee

David Warner
David Warner's bats are among the thickest in international cricket

The thickness of bats should be reduced by 20mm, says the committee which proposes changes to cricket's Laws.

The Marylebone Cricket Club world cricket committee says batting has become "too easy", with bats up to 80mm thick with 55mm edges.

There are currently no limits on the thickness of bats, but the committee wants to introduce a maximum depth of 60-65mm and a maximum edge of 35-40mm.

If approved by the MCC, the new Law could be introduced on 1 October 2017.

In June, the International Cricket Council (ICC) called for restrictionsexternal-link to be introduced to "help achieve a better balance between bat and ball".

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting, a member of the world cricket committee, wants bats, which are "unbelievably big",external-link to be reduced in size in Test cricket.

But current Australia batsman David Warner says faster scoring and bigger totals are a result of flatter pitchesexternal-link rather than improvements in bat technology.

The world cricket committee, which consists of 12 former international players, met at Lord's on Monday and Tuesday.

It also made several other proposals:external-link

  • Olympics: The committee said "cricket must embrace the concept of playing Twenty20 in the Olympic Games" by applying for a place in the 2024 edition.
  • League system in Test cricket: The committee supported a potential future system of promotion and relegation in Test cricket, as well as the "expansion of day-night matches with a pink ball".
  • 'Mankading': The committee supported the ICC's ruling that non-strikers must stay in their crease until the point of release of the ball. Batsmen attempting to back up before the ball is released were "taking an advantage or acting carelessly", the committee said.