MCC confirms sendings-off and other laws to come in on 1 October

Michael Clarke and James Anderson
Australia's Michael Clarke and England's James Anderson were involved in an on-field altercation during the 2013-14 Ashes

The MCC has confirmed that a series of law changes - including the introduction of sendings-off - will come into effect on 1 October.

A new law entitled 'players' conduct' gives umpires a range of powers, from imposing penalty runs to ejection from the match.

Bat sizes will be restricted and attaching bails to the stumps, in order to prevent injury, will be permitted.

The laws are also being written in language that is not gender specific.

Terms such as batsman and third man remain, but the laws will remove previous references to the term "he".

The law regarding handled the ball has been removed, with that form of dismissal merged into obstructing the field.

"MCC has left no stone unturned in researching and redrafting the new Laws of Cricket and has done so in order to make the laws work in a way that makes sense to players, umpires and spectators," MCC laws manager Fraser Stewart said.

"The laws are applicable worldwide so they need to be as simple as possible to understand and inclusive to all.

"The club hopes to encourage interest in the game at all levels and believes these new laws are reflective of the present time and easier for cricketers and umpires to interpret."

Other changes include alterations to running out the non-striker, a batsman being run out if their bat 'bounces' after being grounded, and substitutes being allowed to keep wicket.

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