Men's T20 World Cup 2020

Afghanistan's Rashid Khan, Australia's Alex Carey and England's Tom Curran with the Men's T20 World Cup

First round

Group A: Sri Lanka, Qualifier A2*, Qualifier A3*, Qualifier A4*
Group B: Bangladesh, Qualifier B2*, Qualifier B3*, Qualifier B4*
*teams from ICC Global Qualifier, held later in 2019


18 Sri Lanka v Qualifier A3, Geelong (04:00 BST)

18 Qualifier A2 v Qualifier A4, Geelong (d/n) (09:00 BST)

19 Bangladesh v Qualifier B3, Hobart (04:00 BST)

19 Qualifier B2 v Qualifier B4, Hobart (d/n) (09:00 BST)

20 Qualifier A3 v Qualifier A4, Geelong (04:00 BST)

20 Sri Lanka v Qualifier A2, Geelong (d/n) (09:00 BST)

21 Qualifier B3 v Qualifier B4, Hobart (04:00 BST)

21 Bangladesh v Qualifier B2, Hobart (d/n) (09:00 BST)

22 Qualifier A2 v Qualifier A3, Geelong (04:00 BST)

22 Sri Lanka v Qualifier A4, Geelong (d/n) (09:00 BST)

23 Qualifier B2 v Qualifier B3, Hobart (04:00 BST)

23 Bangladesh v Qualifier B4, Hobart (d/n) (09:00 BST)

Winners and runners-up from each group (A1, A2, B1 & B2) qualify for Super 12 stage.

Super 12 stage

Group 1: Pakistan, Australia, West Indies, New Zealand, A1, B2
Group 2: India, England, South Africa, Afghanistan, B1, A2

24 Australia v Pakistan, Sydney (SCG) (d/n) (09:00 BST)

24 India v South Africa, Perth (Perth Stadium) (d/n) (12:00 BST)

25 A1 v B2, Hobart (03:00 GMT)

25 New Zealand v West Indies, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

26 Afghanistan v A2, Perth (Perth Stadium) (06:00 GMT)

26 England v B1, Perth (Perth Stadium) (d/n) (11:00 GMT)

27 New Zealand v B2, Hobart (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

28 Afghanistan v B1, Perth (Perth Stadium) (06:00 GMT)

28 Australia v West Indies, Perth (Perth Stadium) (d/n) (11:00 GMT)

29 Pakistan v A1, Sydney (SCG) (03:00 GMT)

29 India v A2, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

30 England v South Africa, Sydney (SCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

30 West Indies v B2, Perth (Perth Stadium) (d/n) (11:00 GMT)

31 Pakistan v New Zealand, Brisbane (04:00 GMT)

31 Australia v A1, Brisbane (d/n) (09:00 GMT)


1 South Africa v Afghanistan, Adelaide (03:30 GMT)

1 India v England, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

2 A2 v B1, Sydney (SCG) (03:00 GMT)

2 New Zealand v A1, Brisbane (d/n) (09:00 GMT)

3 Pakistan v West Indies, Adelaide (03:30 GMT)

3 Australia v B2, Adelaide (d/n) (08:30 GMT)

4 England v Afghanistan, Brisbane (d/n) (09:00 GMT)

5 South Africa v A2, Adelaide (03:30 GMT)

5 India v B1, Adelaide (d/n) (08:30 GMT)

6 Pakistan v B2, Melbourne (MCG) (03:00 GMT)

6 Australia v New Zealand, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

7 England v A2, Adelaide (03:30 GMT)

7 West Indies v A1, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

8 South Africa v B1, Sydney (SCG) (03:00 GMT)

8 India v Afghanistan, Sydney (SCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

Knock-out stage

11 First semi-final, Sydney (SCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

12 Second semi-final, Adelaide (d/n) (08:30 GMT)

15 Final, Melbourne (MCG) (d/n) (08:00 GMT)

NB Fixtures and start times are subject to change. The BBC is not responsible for any changes that may be made

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