The Hundred: Scotland's Kathryn Bryce aims to learn from team-mates

By Heather DewarBBC Scotland
Scotland captain Kathryn Bryce
Scotland captain Kathryn Bryce can't wait to get started in The Hundred

Scotland captain Kathryn Bryce hopes playing in The Hundred can help fulfil her dreams of a professional career.

The 22-year-old from Edinburgh will line up for Trent Rockets in the inaugural edition of the tournament, which starts in July.

The 100-ball competition will have the men's and women's events running simultaneously.

"There are lots of exciting people playing in it and it will be great to learn from them," said Bryce.

Trent Rockets, who will be based in Derby and Leicester, have signed up several England internationals, including Kathryn Brunt and Nat Sciver, as well as Australians Elyse Villani and Sophie Molineux.

"It will be brilliant to benefit from their knowledge; that's a big part of it," said Bryce of her high-profile team-mates.

"Because it's such a short competition, you try and learn as much as possible and ask as much as possible. They have experience from all around the world and it's great to have them on board."

The prize fund of £600,000 will be split equally between the competitions. However, contracts for the women are worth much less than the men's payments.

"The money will spur us on to win to some extent but when you're playing you don't think of that too much," said Bryce, who is studying sports science at Loughborough University.

"It will boost the competition and make people feel valued. It's important in terms of how you feel - knowing it is equal shows they're supporting it and wanting it to be as much of a success as the men's tournament.

"I want to carry on playing cricket and the the way the games is going it's more of a possibility to play full-time. It's been difficult in the past to get attention for women's cricket but its growing now."

Two other, as yet unnamed, female Scots will take part in The Hundred and Bryce says it will be "fantastic" for the national team.

"It's great to get as many players as we can playing in these competitions," she added. "Last year, playing for Loughborough Lightning in the Super League was great for my confidence."

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