Sir Chris Hoy aiming for Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

Glasgow's tribute to Sir Chris Hoy

Six-time Olympic gold medallist Sir Chris Hoy says he has the motivation to continue until the 2014 Commonwealth Games, so long as he can still compete.

The 36-year-old will not represent Great Britain at Rio 2016, but confirmed he still plans to ride for Scotland in Glasgow in two years' time.

Hoy will decide next spring whether he is capable of challenging in 2014.

"There's no chance I don't want to do it - the motivation is there and the desire is there," he told BBC Sport.

"It's literally down to whether I can do it or not."

Hoy has taken a break since wining two gold medals in London this summer and is not competing at this weekend's Track World Cup event in Glasgow, at the new velodrome named after him.

He will compete in smaller events over the next six months or so and head to Perth, Australia, in December to resume training, after which he expects to know whether he will be able to continue until 2014.

The next major event for Great Britain will be the Track World Championships in Belarus in February, but Hoy is not expected to be involved.

"It's not a matter of saying, 'Yeah, I'll have that spot on the team,' said Hoy. "You have to earn it and there are so many strong, talented, fast riders coming through.

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"I wouldn't just want to get on the team to get the tracksuit, turn up and wave to the crowd. I want to go there to win. If I believe I can do that and I'm able to do that then I will be there."

He added: "Ideally I'm going to be back [in Glasgow] in 18 months' time for the Commonwealth Games but I'm not thinking too far ahead, I'm just taking one step at a time.

"I'm 36 now, 37 in March, so it's one step at a time."

And asked how it felt to return as a spectator at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, the Edinburgh-born rider said: "What's weird is being here and not competing - walking in the track centre this afternoon, seeing all the guys, seeing all my rivals, the people I've competed against over the years and not being in lycra, not being out on the track myself.

"In some ways it's nice, because you can relax and really enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy the racing. But you do miss it and you miss the adrenaline."