Alex Dowsett can break one-hour record - Chris Boardman

Alex Dowsett
Hour record
Venue: Manchester Velodrome Date: 2 May (13:00 BST)

Alex Dowsett will succeed in setting a new hour record on Saturday, says former Olympic champion Chris Boardman.

Dowsett, 26, will aim to ride the furthest distance in 60 minutes at the Manchester Velodrome and break the current record of 52.491 kilometres, set by Australian Rohan Dennis.

"I think he'll get it, but it could be tough," said Boardman, who held the record in the mid-1990s.

"He's well qualified in the discipline."

Commonwealth Games champion Dowsett described the hour record as the "ultimate time trial".

"It's a case of man and machine: no changing conditions, no wind, no real tactics," he said.

"It's the purest form of a time trial. There's no tiny respite in the hour record. The pacing is so important - you never get a chance to recover."

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